13 May 2015

Alumna heads facility for women on path to recovery

Every thing was going well for Annette Rivera until she experienced a bipolar onset in her early twenties that led her to self-medicate and lose sight of her future, she said. Rivera

28 Apr 2015

Closing pitcher breaks 20-year record in career saves

Standing at 6 feet and 3 inches tall, Cory Davis is a right-handed pitcher for the SF State men’s baseball team. Davis is 23 years old, loves baseball and country

31 Mar 2015

Recent luxury bus lines beneficial for future of transportation

San Francisco is a place of opportunity. While some move here to start a business, others move for the plentiful jobs this metropolis has to offer. The opportunity to live

17 Mar 2015

Current generation perceived incorrectly in media

My generation does not define me, nor does it hold truths for who I am and what I stand. Every time I have browsed through the Internet in the past few months,

24 Feb 2015

Romantic partners unessential during young adulthood

Sitting in my bed staring at the wilting flowers I bought for myself on Valentine’s Day, I realized I recently started dating myself and I really, really love me. Knowing this now, I

10 Feb 2015

Student band rocks its way to residency at historic blues club

In the dimly lit bar, couples secluded themselves into tables nestled against the wall while others crowded the dance floor, eagerly awaiting the curtain to rise on stage. Miss Lightning,

28 Jan 2015

Donating organs is more than just checking off a box on a DMV application

I don’t know why sitting around my living room table with a glass of wine prompted a discussion of organ donations on a Thursday night, but telling my roommates I

08 Dec 2014

Fringe Goes Long offers diverse plays written by students

After months of practice, edits and rewrites, theater students will premiere student-written plays at their annual Fringe Goes Long event. Beginning three years ago, Fringe Goes Long was created as a

30 Nov 2014

Removing tips will affect quality service in restaurants

I’ve never had the privilege to receive tips for good service. I’ve worked in retail since I turned 18 and I’ve never understood why people who work in the food

Assistant professor Jackson Wilson of the recreation, parks, and tourism department speaks to a crowd of students who came to see the documentary "Oil & Water" at the Richard Oakes Multicultural Center Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2014. Martin Bustamante/Xpress.
08 Nov 2014

Cofan tribe leader shares an important message about oil production with SF State

Students crammed together and others settled on the tile floor as a large crowd spilled into the hallway of the Cesar Chavez Student Center for the viewing of an environmental documentary

04 Nov 2014

Panic is transmitted faster than disease in America

Mass hysteria over Ebola has spread faster than the virus itself here in the United States. Although Ebola is a serious issue in Africa and surrounding countries where the virus

Get It Indy performs a song for the first time at the The Depot on Thursday, Oct. 29, 2014.
31 Oct 2014

Rappers turn out for The Depot’s Turn Up event

The Depot created quite a stir at SF State as quick-spitted words and deep beats echoed through the Cesar Chavez Student Center from a group of up-and-coming Bay Area rappers who

Lo Prentiss, playing Jean, and Jacob Hsieh, playing Dwight, bows after "Dead Man's Cellphone", a comedy by Sarah Ruhl, Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2014 in the Little Theater.
22 Oct 2014

Dead Man’s Cell Phone premiere creates buzz and laughter with SF State audience

A quiet café is where it all went down. A woman sat at a table addressing thank-you cards, when the bothersome buzz of a man’s cell phone begins. This new

18 Oct 2014

Alumni and students celebrate 50 year masters program with memories and success

More than 50 years after the creation of the nation’s first ever graduate program for teaching English as a second language, SF State welcomed back alumni of the curriculum to

15 Oct 2014

Women should explore their options for safe sex

Have you thought about how great sex is lately? Honestly, take a minute. Sex is normal and something you think about every day. But there’s a huge difference between thinking

11 Oct 2014

Six of the University’s own are proud to premiere their original films at Now and Then

On the screen, a drag queen pranced through a crowd onto the stage at El Rio, a neighborhood bar in San Francisco, and demanded people to get off her stage

Xavier Galinro and Don Allen Stevenson III, actor and director of the film "Change," celebrate their Jury Award and being selected as Campus Finalists at Campus MovieFest SF State on Thursday, Oct. 9, 2014, in Jack Adams Hall in the Cesar Chavez Student Center. The film is one of four at SF State that will go on to be screened in Hollywood.
11 Oct 2014

Students’ film highlighting the gentrification of the Tenderloin to screen in Hollywood through Campus MovieFest

Xavier Galindo and co-director Don Allen Stevenson III thought they wouldn’t be able to premiere their first film together after encountering issues with lawyers and consent forms from actors. To

Characters Henry (Daniel Thibodeaux) and Laura (Kaitlin Clancey) get confrontational after a minor car accident in "One Man Show," filmed by alum Jonathan Salazar.
27 Sep 2014

Alumni team produce debut film from small budget and big dreams; set to show at SF State in October

“One Man Show” tells the story of a hopeful playwright’s dream gone wrong — a story an SF State alumni turned into their debut film with a small budget and

21 Sep 2014

Student filmmakers prepare for SF State’s eighth annual Campus MovieFest

The world’s largest student film festival, Campus MovieFest (CMF), is returning for it’s eighth year at SF State. In a flurry of five-minute short videos,  the faces behind the cameras

07 Sep 2014

Student makes a name for himself in Bay Area theater scene long before graduation

Blake Cianciarulo never dreamed of working in theater when he was little. His dream began in high school when the drama teacher approached the track team for some help moving

An art piece symbolizing gentrification in the bay area at the "If Elvis Presley was the King, who was James Brown?" opening at the Cesar Chavez Art Gallery on Thursday, Aug. 28, 2014.
31 Aug 2014

Art galleries on campus welcome students to express themselves

On a campus strewn with art on lawns, in trees and even in the form of crocheted bikes, many SF State students are still unaware of the three art galleries