03 Apr 2018

Woman shoots three and takes her own life at San Bruno YouTube campus

The woman who shot and injured three people before taking her own life at the San Bruno YouTube campus on Tuesday visited a gun range hours before the attack, according

28 Mar 2018

Hit and run

Police have confirmed that five people were hit by a white GMC van at Illinois and 24th streets according to the app Citizen. Police responded to the incident call around

25 Mar 2018

Stabbing on Chester Avenue

A woman died from stab wounds sustained in a domestic violence incident on Chester Avenue. Police responded to the unit block of Chester Avenue at 2:11 p.m. and transported the

10 Mar 2018

Discrimination lawsuit dismissed

A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit on Friday accusing SF State officials of tolerating and encouraging hostility toward Jewish members of the SF State community. The suit, stemming in part

01 Mar 2018

Two injured in Excelsior drive-by

A 27-year-old man was shot multiple times in a drive-by shooting on Felton Street in the Excelsior District early this afternoon. A local resident heard gunshots at roughly 1:45 p.m.

31 Jan 2018

Students honor late theatre professor

“He was a great teacher,” said Hamid Ehya describing the passion that the late Theatre Arts Professor Mohammad Kowsar taughtwith. “The thing about him was the energy he had, the

24 Jan 2018

West Portal Fire

A roof collapsed damaging several nearby buildings after a late night fire in West Portal, according to local authorities, the SF Chronicle reported. The blaze was first reported around 10:45

06 Dec 2017

Trump declares Jerusalem capital of Israel

President Donald Trump broke from decades of U.S. policy Wednesday morning as he officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel during a press conference at the White House. The

03 Dec 2017

Broadway veteran revitalizes students with skating influenced choreography

In creative arts, talent alone is rarely enough to achieve success. With any heralded dancer, actor or musician, there’s always a grinding component of hard work that constantly bubbles beneath

29 Nov 2017

Revisionist history continues in America’s educational system

Indigenous history in the mainstream American educational system is, at best, revisionist and at worst, a dismissive attempt to cleanse the white American palate of the genocide propagated by our

09 Nov 2017

Labor politics and artistry deliver important message to campus

Art imitating life is commonplace, and often the defining quality in good art is that, while life moves on, the imitation depicted, sculpted or drawn remains relevant. Victor Arnautoff, a

09 Nov 2017

Men’s basketball looks to capitalize on last season

After losing six seniors and bringing in a new interim coach, San Francisco State’s men’s basketball hopes to emulate last season’s staunch defensive squad. The team enjoyed a successful, yet

17 Oct 2017

New fire ignites in the Santa Cruz County

A Santa Cruz County fire has forced multiple evacuations, burned four structure and injured five people. According to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Prevention (CALFire), the fire broke

16 Oct 2017

Sorority sponsors SF State blood drive

Amid the frenzied tragedies of the past couple weeks, it’s easy to overlook the minute, albeit powerful, bright moments of humanity. SF State played host to a blood drive this

11 Oct 2017

Camaraderie of comic club is something to marvel at

The grandeur and heroics are always enticing. They leap from one building to the next, some more gracefully than others. But the appeal of them is for helping the common

04 Oct 2017

Campus largely unaware of heritage month

First signed into law by President Johnson on Sept. 17, 1968, National Hispanic Heritage Month has over three decades of history. Despite this lengthy history, awareness of the celebration is

28 Sep 2017

Personality, creativity and politics come together in Transfer magazine

While often dismissed as being too ethereal to provide social commentary, creative writing and other forms of artistic expression, told from a student’s perspective, can foster political discussion. Transfer magazine,

20 Sep 2017

Sci-fi and surrealism intertwine in professor’s new book

Andrew Joron, a creative writing professor here at SF State, blends his science-fiction background with creative writing exploration to create powerfully compacted, beautifully melodic sonnets of poetry in his new

15 Sep 2017

Shapiro’s Berkeley speech void of pepper spray

Riot gear equipped officers from three different departments encircled a portion of UC Berkeley’s campus Thursday night as security for Ben Shapiro’s 7 p.m. speaking engagement. Shapiro is a right wing

05 Sep 2017

Activism and artistry intersect

Activism and creativity can blend to become both beautiful and haunting social commentary, which is no truer than in the poetry work of two SF State alumni. Nellie Wong and

30 Aug 2017

SF State grad’s brand turns five

An SF State business major alumnus is celebrating his brand’s five-year anniversary on Sept. 2. Johnny Travis and Herbert Gracia, co-founders of FAZE Apparel, combating the rising tide of Instagram