09 Dec 2017

World Title heads to Hawaii

The roar of the surf shakes the foundations of beachfront mansions and tiny shacks alike on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Each winter, the top 34 surfers in the

01 Nov 2017

Gator’s rooftop drop lands him in Thrasher Magazine

His skateboard was perched atop a rain gutter. In his head, it seemed easy enough. Drop from the rooftop and let gravity do the rest. The margin for error was

30 Oct 2017

The dichotomy of Bay Area surfers

As the Bay Area awoke this week to red skies and tragic news from the Wine Country Fires, many stayed indoors to avoid unnecessary smoke inhalation. San Francisco surfers in

28 Sep 2017

The search for the perfect wave is over

People don’t go on vacations to see empty football stadiums. Soccer fields and baseball diamonds without players are nothing more than grass and dirt. Surfing might be the sole exception.

28 Sep 2017

San Francisco legend joins Gator family

In 1956, there were tales of all-night parties and free love radiating from the streets of San Francisco. Artists, poets, writers and musicians from around the country were drawn to

27 Sep 2017

Lower Taraval is getting a local makeover

Outer Sunset locals bring well-known stores to lower Taraval street from their original locations 10 blocks away. In 2015, a fire destroyed the Great Highway Market and half of Riptide,

21 Sep 2017

Bay Area celebrates International Coastal Cleanup Day

Volunteers armed themselves with gardening gloves and refillable mugs for complimentary coffee, as well as decomposable garbage bags and buckets, in hopes to change a statistic, Saturday morning. The 2016

05 Sep 2017

Late alumnus Jack O’neill, surf pioneer, leaves legacy on Ocean Beach

There is no plaque or symbol of historical significance at the corner of Wawona Street and 46th Avenue in the Outer Sunset District of San Francisco. At that intersection, there

30 Aug 2017

Alumnus tackles Mavericks’ big surf

This week, according to the World Surf League website, the WSL purchased the Mavericks surf contest to add it as a stop on the Big Wave World Tour. SF State