06 Mar 2019

Nike’s Dream Crazier campaign evokes women’s empowerment

During last week’s Oscar’s, the Serena Williams’ Dream Crazier Nike campaign debuted, making it one of the most profounding advertisements of the year. Once again, Nike attempts to break down

27 Feb 2019

High-end fashion brands release controversial designs

In the wake of controversial fashion releases alluding to racist motifs, SF State students have expressed their concerns over high-end brands capitalizing on sensitive topics. High-end fashion brands like Gucci

14 May 2018

Cosmetics on a College Budget

Cosmetic culture has dramatically risen with the help of makeup tutorials, high definition pictures and reviews on social media. Millions of millennials are interested in what’s new and what’s next

16 Apr 2018

T-Pain comes to SF State

Blue and yellow lights lit SF State’s Annex venue. Anticipated fans cheered in the crowd as T-Pain jumped on stage for the 8th Annual Music Festival hosted by Associated Students