18 May 2016

Commencement ceremonies are overrated

It’s graduation day. You stand in line along with thousands of other graduating students, waiting to take the walk across the stage that marks the end of your college career. As

03 May 2016

I don’t eat meat, but I don’t care if you do

Even in the hyper-liberal city of San Francisco, I get a lot of negative reactions when I say I don’t eat meat. People assume I’m going to judge them if

26 Apr 2016

I don’t need a squad to turn up

When DJ super-duo Skrillex and Diplo, collectively known as Jack Ü, played back to back concerts in downtown San Francisco this month, groups of 20-somethings flooded Market Street, their kandi-clad

21 Apr 2016

Earth Day is more important now than ever

This Friday will mark the 46th annual Earth Day. Since this holiday isn’t accompanied by raucous partying, excessive drinking or any special types of food, like many popular holidays are,

19 Apr 2016

Women scientists foster community with new club

Women majoring in physics and astronomy at SF State can now easily network with each other, thanks to a new club on campus. Formed in November 2015 by physics lecturer Dr.

05 Apr 2016

L train changes anger Sunset residents

Residents and shop owners alike in the Sunset District’s Taraval Street have collected signatures opposing the proposed changes to the train stops in the area. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

29 Mar 2016

Tinder should swipe left on creating deep connections

Tinder, as infamous as it is, has become the cultural norm as far as dating goes among the under-30 set. Meeting a potential date or hookup on the app has

15 Mar 2016

I can’t catch a ball and I don’t care anymore

I’m 24 years old, and I can’t catch or throw a ball. When I was in elementary school, I tried participating in after-school soccer and basketball and other sports like

15 Feb 2016

Safety concerns about Uber remain despite settlement

Most people I know would rather call an Uber after a late night out rather than spend hours on any of San Francisco’s nighttime buses, which run sporadically and take forever.

03 Feb 2016

Social media used as perpetual ego boost

[media-credit name=”Kelsey Lannin” align=”alignnone” width=”576″][/media-credit] According to most people’s Instagram accounts and Snapchat stories, a typical week consists of house parties, crowded bars and shenanigans with their roommates. And cats,

26 Jan 2016

Amy Schumer labeled feminist despite misogynist ‘Trainwreck’

Actress Amy Schumer is widely, and wrongly, regarded as a feminist. Contributing to this misconception are her ballsy, empowering speeches, including her acceptance speech for last week’s Critics’ Choice Award’s MVP Award

14 Dec 2015

Women empowered through use of social media

After being in two abusive relationships as a teenager, California College of the Arts student Camille Urso uses her online presence to reach out to female victims of domestic violence. “Though this world

03 Nov 2015

Being in relationships in your 20s is a mistake

[media-credit name=”Illustration by Reid Cammack” align=”alignright” width=”483″][/media-credit] Between our fixation with dating apps, our love for shows like “The Bachelor” and our overuse of the term “bae,” our generation is obsessed

13 Oct 2015

Documentary chronicles street musician’s story

The rhythmic cadence of Larry “Bucket Man” Hunt’s joyous drumming reaches the ears of pedestrians three blocks away from the Market Street Old Navy. The downtown sidewalk has been the drummer’s base

13 Oct 2015

City life worth paying the hefty price

Last week, I was dancing at a bar in the Castro on a Wednesday night with some friends and one of their cousins who was visiting from Utah. Around 11

30 Sep 2015

Californians need to cut water usage

[media-credit id=292 align=”alignright” width=”318″][/media-credit] Unless you live under a rock, you’re probably aware that California is in a severe drought. For the past year or so, most restaurants have had cards

02 Sep 2015

Muni plastic transfers: taking the bus is now for the rich

San Francisco’s public transit system is best known for three things: rarely being on time, frequently breaking down and giving out those long, colorful, paper transfers that crafty commuters can fold up

26 Aug 2015

Lifting the fog: A student’s guide to exploring San Francisco

San Francisco is known for many things: fog, the Golden Gate Bridge, fog, cable cars— did we mention fog? It’s also known for its plethora of diverse bars and restaurants.