13 May 2014

More gun control is necessary in trigger-happy America

I believe in the United States Constitution. It has worked for more than 200 years, however, I also believe in gun control and common sense. It is hard to read

15 Apr 2014

Former journalist and professor speaks about her discovery of J. Edgar Hoover’s secret FBI

Minimizing harm: a term journalists carry with them with each story they write and do their best to remain ethical. Ethics can be challenged at any point, but knowing what

09 Apr 2014

12 Grammar Mistakes You Have Made (At Least) 12 Times

1. Toward vs. Towards AP Stylebook says: “Toward” Not towards. Jordan says: I’m going to start this a little harsh. As much as some people love the word “towards,” it is sadly

12 Mar 2014

Bridge toll raise adds to the rip-off prices of San Francisco

From $6 beers to $10 sandwiches, San Francisco is not the cheapest city to live in — it is the most expensive, finally surpassing New York City. Whether residents are

28 Aug 2013

ASI, student center merge to synchronize student life

This semester, SF State’s Associated Students, Inc. and Cesar Chavez Student Center are consolidating to become a single enhanced student auxiliary.  The University’s goal to merge both auxiliaries would build

15 Jun 2013

Explosives thrown into downtown restaurant

Police shut down multiple downtown San Francisco streets today after someone allegedly threw a stick of dynamite through a restaurant window according to witnesses. The dynamite left a broken window

24 May 2013

Registration woes weigh heavy on returning students

It’s that happy time of year, where many of us watch as our peers graduate and go off into the world and their future careers. No doubt, graduating is a