03 Dec 2013

Latinos spend most at cinema, but least represented on screens

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Four guys enter a dark movie theater: a Salvadoran, a Brazilian, a Persian and a Japanese guy. Their median age is 27

19 Nov 2013

SF State mourns death of long-time journalism lecturer

Raul Ramirez, an award-winning journalist and longtime SF State lecturer, died of cancer Friday at his Berkeley home. Ramirez, 67, was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in late July. Ramirez taught journalism at

07 May 2013

Costly Rhythms Music Festival attracts low student turnout

[set_id=72157633444991328] With a headliner as prominent as Big Boi, of the Grammy award-winning hip-hop duo OutKast, and a price tag of $30,000, one might expect Thursday night’s Rhythms Music Festival to

23 Apr 2013

Broadway's hit 'Avenue Q' graces Little Theatre stage

“Avenue Q” could be described as Broadway’s little engine that could. In 2004, the show reached legendary status when it unexpectedly won the Tony award for best musical over the mega-blockbuster, “Wicked.” Since

17 Apr 2013

'CockTales' series aims to reshape view of masculinity

Eduardo Benitez has always had to be silent. As a child he wasn’t allowed to cry during a sad movie. As a teenager he wasn’t allowed to show any affection

11 Apr 2013

Alum launches Tiburon International Film Festival for emerging filmmakers

Saeed Shafa has never been one to follow the crowd. In 1972, he was just one of a few journalism students at SF State when suddenly the political floodgates burst

20 Mar 2013

CA bill will make online courses transferable

Students are all too familiar with the sting of being rejected from an overcrowded class and the hopelessness of signing up for yet another wait list. Those days of despair

12 Mar 2013

Iconic production 'Our Town' hits SF State's Little Theatre

Click Here To See Photo Gallery Grover’s Corner is a small town populated by 2,642 regular folks. They’re mostly a God-fearing people with 85 percent identified as Protestant, 12 percent Catholic and the

07 Mar 2013

SF State film graduate achieves dream job as director for CAAMFest

Masashi Niwano knew he wanted a career in film early on when, as a young boy, he’d revel in the company of Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers while his parents worked

21 Feb 2013

Oscar-nominated alumni anticipate award night

It’s hard to imagine what being stranded in a boat with a Bengal tiger has to do with the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis. It turns out their connection runs straight

19 Feb 2013

Cry to God incites debate over free speech on campus

Issues regarding freedom of religion and speech have taken center stage at SF State after a group of self-proclaimed born-again Christians, known as Cry to God, incited heated reactions from

14 Feb 2013

BREAKING: Cry to God provokes student confrontation at SF State demonstration

[HTML1] A trio of self-proclaimed born-again Christians known as Cry to God gathered at the Quad in front of Malcolm X Plaza at SF State earlier today, Feb. 14 in

05 Feb 2013

SF State alumnus' hunt leads to 'The Institute,' Slamdance acclaim

Spencer McCall embarked on a peculiar scavenger hunt through San Francisco four years ago. His experience set the foundation for “The Institute,” his first feature-length film, that last month screened

29 Jan 2013

VIDEO: SF State student director revamps Greek classic, 'Eurydice'

Ben Calabrese is captivated by the action unfolding on stage; two star-crossed lovers, one on a table and the other on a chair, lean in for a passionate kiss when