06 May 2013

Sexual assault suspect sought by University police

Campus police are circulating the photo of a man suspected of a sexual assault in the Towers April 28. The suspect, who is described by police as a 20-year-old African

13 Mar 2013

Impaction leads students to alternate majors

After being denied acceptance to the nursing program, Vincent Castoro thought he could avoid the problems associated with impaction by majoring in kinesiology. He was wrong. “I was initially going

22 Feb 2013

A letter from the editor regarding the presidential Harlem Shake

Dear Readers, The Xpress has come under some criticism recently for the role that we played in getting President Wong to take part in SF State’s second iteration of the

09 Feb 2013

President Wong discusses goals for SF State

At the outset of his second semester as president of SF State, Leslie E. Wong sat down with Xpress Editor-in-chief Kale Williams. In the final installment of our three-part interview, Wong

08 Feb 2013

SF State President Les Wong on City College and online education

At the outset of his second semester as president of SF State, Leslie E. Wong sat down with Xpress Editor-in-chief Kale Williams. In part two of our three-part interview, Wong discusses

07 Feb 2013

President Leslie E. Wong discusses Proposition 30 funds distribution

At the outset of his second semester as president of SF State, Leslie E. Wong sat down with Xpress Editor-in-chief Kale Williams. In part one of our three-part interview, Wong

30 Jan 2013

UPDATE: Creative Arts Building partially opened

A water pipe burst in the Creative Arts Building early this morning resulting in a flood that has the building shut down until further notice. The burst pipe, which was

28 Jan 2013

UPDATE: Man dies of gunshot wound in Parkmerced

An unidentified man was shot and killed Monday, Jan. 28 around 5 p.m. near the corner of Font Boulevard and Chumasero Drive in Parkmerced. The San Francisco Police Department responded

07 Nov 2012

Voters likely to pass Prop. 30

Victory for Proposition 30 — Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax measure intended to prevent massive cuts in state funding to education — looked likely Tuesday night as votes continued to be

20 Oct 2012

The Ins & Outs: Don't mistake porn as educational TV

 One great thing about getting off to internet porn is that you can find pretty much anything you’re looking for. From the run-of-the-mill scenes of two attractive people making passionate

28 Aug 2012

Q&A: Les Wong on being 'a catalyst for a new vision' at SF State

Among the new faces on campus this semester will be that of Dr. Leslie E. Wong, SF State’s new president. Wong hails from Northern Michigan University, a University much smaller

16 May 2012

New SF State president Leslie Wong prepares for first semester

As this year’s class of graduating seniors walk the stage, receive their degrees and flip their tassels, another familiar face will be departing campus for the last time as President

10 May 2012

New SF State president looking forward to student engagement

Dr. Leslie Wong is trading the snowy winters of the northern Michigan peninsula for the foggy summers of San Francisco as the incoming president of SF State. Wong, 62, who

10 May 2012

Power out in several buildings at SF State

Several buildings at SF State lost power Thursday around 8:30 p.m., according to numerous reports from students. The outage was isolated to the campus as power remained on in surrounding

02 May 2012

California Faculty Association announces rolling strikes

Members of the California Faculty Association gathered today in the quad at SF State to announce that they voted to authorize a series of rolling two-day strikes across the 23 campuses of

30 Apr 2012

An SF State student's refusal to sign petition for student loan forgiveness

Student loan debt is on pace to pass the $1 trillion mark in the coming months, increasing at a rate of roughly $2,853 per second, according to Finaid.org. In light

23 Apr 2012

SF State students fuse science and creativity at Senior Art Expo

Science and art aren’t two subjects often found in the same sentence, let alone the same classroom. That is, unless you pay a visit to the Conceptual Information Arts program

20 Apr 2012

Study finds that UC faculties are increasingly liberal

When Rick Santorum recently decried California universities as bastions of liberal elitism based on a report he read from “the state of California” he instantly garnered nationwide criticism from the

18 Apr 2012

VIDEO: San Franciscans remember 1906 earthquake

Sirens wailed up and down Market Street as San Franciscans celebrated the 106th anniversary of the 1906 earthquake early Tuesday morning. Antique fire trucks ferried the remaining survivors, George Quilici

17 Apr 2012

SF State staff and administrators speak out on BECA safety scare

A brief safety scare in the Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts department set off a torrent of rumors last Tuesday. The incident in question, in which a student brought a

16 Apr 2012

CFA meets at SF State Monday to vote on possible strike

The California Faculty Association gathered at SF State today as faculty members began voting on whether to strike, after contract negotiations with CSU administration broke down Friday. CFA representatives have

11 Apr 2012

Muni looks to shorten commute times on 28 and M lines

The long journey to and from school may get shorter next year as Muni pursues a series of proposals to cut travel time along 19th Avenue. The proposed changes are

27 Mar 2012

Students pay the price to intern

It’s that time of the school year when I start to wonder where all that financial aid money went. I can look back and justify most of the money I

15 Mar 2012

San Francisco Tenants Union continues to aid renters after more than 40 years

San Francisco is one of the most expensive housing markets in the country. The limited supply of rental units coupled with a recent influx of wealthy tech professionals vying for

22 Feb 2012

SF State campus workers paid far below San Francisco minimum wage

San Francisco is one of the most expensive places to live in the world, and consequently has one of the country’s highest minimum wages, but due to an exemption in

22 Feb 2012

CSU to limit salary increases for new university presidents

The California State University Board of Trustees officially adopted a policy that will place a limit on the compensation that newly-hired campus presidents can receive. Under the new policy, CSU

13 Feb 2012

Get to know your rights as a tenant

KNOW YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS: Landlords don’t get to decide how much to charge you for a security deposit. Deposits are capped at the equivalent of two months rent for an

07 Feb 2012

San Francisco sewage system spillovers release bacteria, chemicals into ocean

Before people moved to San Francisco and covered the hills and wetlands with apartments and parking lots, the exposed topsoil absorbed rainfall. But today that topsoil is hidden under the