17 May 2017

Why my parents will not be attending my graduation

My parents and I have always had a strained relationship. My mother met my father, who was considerably older than she was, and began to experiment with drugs. He was

10 May 2017

When Trump supporters and tequila mix

This past weekend was Cinco de Mayo and contrary to what so many ignorant people believe, it is not in fact Mexican Independence day, which is actually September 16 if

03 May 2017

Let’s get deep: The importance of protection

Those of you who have kept up with my sex column this semester know my articles have been on the lighter side and have encouraged sexual connection and exploration. However,

20 Apr 2017

Let’s Get Deep: loving my fat and combating the fetishization of my body

I am a bigger, curvier woman. I’ve been that way for as long as I can remember and I have finally learned how to love my fat. Learning to love

12 Apr 2017

When white feminism meets the appropriation of marginalized activism

Racism is dead. All is good in the world and we are all one big happy family. At least according to PepsiCo Inc.’s latest commercial. For anyone who has yet

01 Mar 2017

Let’s Get Deep: How to be intimate in a long distance relationship

My partner and I have been dating for almost five years. For almost four of those years we have been in a long distance relationship. We started dating when we

22 Feb 2017

Let’s Get Deep: Why do we need permission to have a vagina?

When I was 19 I had a pregnancy scare. It was our first weekend alone together and on the first night the condom broke. We stayed up all night talking

15 Feb 2017

Let’s Get Deep: Deconstructing virginity

I had sex for the first time when I was 14. I was young, scared and lacked the knowledge mothers often pass down to their daughters. He told me if

08 Feb 2017

Let’s Get Deep: Beginners guide to BDSM

I have never been a person to pull out all the stops for Valentine’s Day. The most I have ever done to celebrate the holiday is wait for the discount

01 Feb 2017

It could have been my family

I am the oldest of four and I am a first-generation Mexican-American. Mexico is the land of my mother and her mother. It is the land of my ancestors but

25 Jan 2017

Sex in the time of Trump

I am usually one to enjoy my 2 a.m. rendezvous with my partner. Especially after not seeing him for months at a time, but lately there has been a problem

09 Dec 2016

SF State gives a standing ovation for the Medea Project

Knuth Hall was packed to capacity with students and professors for a performance known as the Medea Project. The Medea Project for Incarcerated Women not only included interpretive dance and

14 Nov 2016

Racial Tensions Rise at SF State Post Election

Fliers that read “Are you sick of anti-white propaganda on college campuses? You are not alone,” in bold, black letters were found outside of the Cesar Chavez Student Center early

11 Nov 2016

Emotions run high at post-election open forum

Mariel De Paz, political science major, wearing a shirt that read ‘Undocumented and Unafraid’ in bold white letters tearfully expressed how she felt post election in an open forum organized

28 Oct 2016

Armed robbery occurs at student dorms, no injuries reported

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article stated that “several attempts were made to contact the University for more information regarding the robbery,” when if fact Golden Gate Xpress made

19 Oct 2016

Demetri Martin jokes for votes at registration event and comedy show

As volunteers stood outside the entrance of Jack Adams hall speaking to students about props and voter registration, attendees piled into the hall filling the rows of chairs facing the

12 Oct 2016

Black Americans Deserve Better Police Treatment

Trigger warning: this story contains potentially distressing material and language about police brutality and murder. After a six hour standoff with police in Civic Center Plaza in San Francisco on

05 Oct 2016

Experts say machismo culture Latino communities

La calle y la casa. The streets and the home. The Institute of Latino Studies University of Notre Dame explains that in Latino culture, la calle is primarily dominated by

28 Sep 2016

Campus sees change to peer education

The watermelon pink shirts with a recognizable PEACH symbol used to be a common sight in the quad and many could recognize them at first glance. The shirts were worn

21 Sep 2016

Male Entitlement gives me trust issues

[media-credit name=”Jessylyn Los Banos” align=”alignnone” width=”533″][/media-credit] On Sept. 5 in Brooklyn during the J’ouvert festival 22-year-old Tiarah Poyau, told a man to get off of her after he approached her

15 Sep 2016

Afro floor coming to SF State in 2017

SF State is working on bringing an Afro floor to student housing as soon as fall 2017, confirmed University spokesperson Jonathan Morales in an email. The floor would not solely

07 Sep 2016

Learning to Survive and Surviving to Learn

I wake up early, makeup smeared and a computer to my side. I think the same thing I do every morning: “I’m too young to be this stressed.”  But I

31 Aug 2016

Housing safety concerns raised

When Stephanie Berrospe, sophomore criminal justice major moved into her new on-campus apartment at University Park North, she was met with an unexpected sight. Instead of welcome banners and resident