11 Jan 2012

Forkin' Frisco: Dining judgement-free in the Marina

Forkin’ Marina Most neighborhoods in San Francisco get a bad reputation because of crime, dirt or some other perceived malaise. However, bizarrely, the Marina seems to raise an eyebrow for

22 Dec 2011

Forkin' Frisco: A guide for Financial District food finders

Forkin’ Financial District Unless your daily outfit consists of a suit and tie and you work a job that has you dodging accusations of being part of the 1%, chances

14 Dec 2011

SF State's Fashion Network Association hosts winter runway show

Diversity was on display at the Fashion Network Association’s winter runway show, which showcased collections and designs from SF State’s apparel design and merchandising students. Over 30 student designers presented

11 Dec 2011

VIDEO: Occupy SFSU camp keeps stocked pantry

Bags of rice, sacks of beans and cans of tomatoes. While this may sound like the contents of anyone’s pantry, these are only some of the groceries in the well-stocked

01 Dec 2011

Hacktivism: the intersection of advocacy and technology

Anyone who has attended protests or been involved with activism in the last few years can tell you: The times, they are a changin’. Tools of activists used to include

28 Nov 2011

Forkin' Frisco: Dodging the fog whilst dining in the Richmond

Forkin’ Richmond The Richmond district, only a quick bus trip from SF State, is a quiet residential neighborhood peppered with a few major commercial boulevards that are home to a

24 Nov 2011

Forkin' Frisco: Thanksgiving grocery shopping in the city

Forkin’ Thanksgiving Thanksgiving means copious amounts of turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. And if you’re one of the brave souls preparing Thanksgiving dinner, it also means a copious

19 Nov 2011

Forkin' Frisco: Unique eats in the Tenderloin

Forkin’ Tenderloin For many, mentioning the Tenderloin conjures up images of a rough neighborhood. While it may have its problems, the Tenderloin also has a rich history and complex ethnic

14 Nov 2011

New CSU budget proposal could raise tuition, restore $300 million to higher education

California State University students are no strangers to the ongoing budget struggle both at the college and state level. A new budget proposal seeks to alleviate some of the financial

13 Nov 2011

Forkin' Frisco: A local's guide to dining in North Beach

Forkin’ North Beach Neighborhoods like North Beach are typically the first to be visited by tourists and the last to be visited by residents. And as any visitor will soon

07 Nov 2011

Ike's Place SF State opening delayed again

By this semester, many students thought they’d be able to get their “dirty sauce”-smeared sandwiches from the SF State location of Ike’s Place. The sandwich shop, named after founder Ike

06 Nov 2011

Transgendered woman from Cuba shares story with SF State students

On paper, the story of Mavi Susel’s transgender experience reads like so many others. A young boy grows up feeling like an outcast from his peers, plagued by the struggle

30 Oct 2011

Forkin' Frisco: The Sunset District's hidden gems

Forkin’ Sunset When you think of the Sunset neighborhood, images that come to mind are likely of a quiet suburban neighborhood filled with fog and ample parking. Because of its

28 Oct 2011

Halloween: the harms of exploiting cultural stereotypes

Ah, Halloween. That magical holiday when people of all kinds transform into whatever they want to be, if only for a night. A holiday that fills the streets with geisha

23 Oct 2011

Forkin' Frisco: Dining on Haight Street

  Forkin’ Haight Street For many, Haight Street might conjure up images of hippies with flowers stuck into their long hair, but the truth is that this street runs through

18 Oct 2011

San Francisco artist displays laser-cut sculptures in Mid-Market art walk

You will be hard-pressed to find any paintbrushes or charcoal pencils in the studio of San Francisco-based artist Nicole Aptekar – though you will find a behemoth, humming laser cutter.

18 Oct 2011

Forkin' Frisco: A guide to San Francisco street food

Forkin’ the streets Street food has never been more popular in San Francisco and beyond. Mobile chefs working out of everything from repurposed taco trucks to improvised carts have changed

11 Oct 2011

Marijuana decriminalization: the middle ground both sides seem to miss

The debate around the legalization of marijuana is always a fun one to watch, especially for those who enjoy catching argumentative fallacies. There is a special kind of hyperbole swung

04 Oct 2011

Stonestown farmers market brings fresh food to Lakeshore

Sunday morning the Stonestown Galleria looks like it does most days. Cars make their way through the parking lot and teenagers saunter along with shopping bags as Muni trains rumble

03 Oct 2011

Forkin' Frisco: Culinary contrasts South of Market

Forkin’ SoMa The South Of Market district, otherwise known as SoMa, is a neighborhood of contrasts. It experienced a fair amount of growth during the height of the tech boom

28 Sep 2011

Forkin' Frisco: Enjoying variety in Hayes Valley

Forkin’ Hayes Hayes Valley has become a destination neighborhood in the last few years for those with some cash to burn. The streets are lined with upscale boutiques and manicured

20 Sep 2011

Eos: Setting the standard for Asian fusion for an upscale night out

Eating the food provided on campus for days on end is all well and good, but at the end of the week most students are probably a little tired of

05 Sep 2011

Tuk Tuk Thai: a touch-and-go option for campus eats

After a couple of semesters avoiding the steam tables and can-liberated food in the cafeteria, it became apparent that I couldn’t embargo campus food forever. It was about that time

05 Sep 2011

Jessie's Hot House evicted from Cesar Chavez Student Center

Students returning to campus with hopes of mac and cheese and fried chicken will have to settle for a lunch with a little less soul after the closing of Jessie’s