11 Dec 2012

VIDEO: Queer Rebels revitalizes QPOC performance art

Through an “unapologetically, riotously gay” performance, Queer Rebel Productions is shaking out the rugs under which the histories of queer people of color have been swept. Partners in work and in

04 Dec 2012

Bears! Bears! Bears! packs flurry of emotions in first full-length album

After an arduous recording process, the band Bears! Bears! Bears! is finally ready to deliver its new album full of danceable doom and gloom. Self-described as “the Bay Area’s most

29 Nov 2012

Graduate student Gina de Vries sparks queer activism through writing

In a tiny bedroom full of books and trimmed with pink Christmas lights, writer and activist Gina de Vries’ experience melds with her talent for fiction. While much of de

19 Nov 2012

SOMArts Cultural Center creates interactive fun with 'Come Out & Play' exhibition

From hopscotch to art gallery heists, the SOMArts Cultural Center has been transformed into a place for unique play experiences. With games inspired by everything from parkour to women of

13 Nov 2012

"Hot & Heavy" book launch spotlights fatphobia issue

Bold, bubbly and unabashed, Virgie Tovar is on a mission to transform the meaning of the F-word most weighed down in negative societal assumptions — fat. A sexologist, activist, coach,

07 Nov 2012

Poets share raw, unfettered material at New Sh!t Show

Beyond old books and baubles in the depths of a basement performance space, New Sh!t is happening every second and fourth Thursday. The New Poetry Mission, also known fondly as

25 Oct 2012

PHOTOS: Barbary Coast Burlesque bewitches boisterous bunch at The Depot

Feathers and Spam and mimes, oh my! Students in The Depot on Wednesday night found themselves bouncing between the World Series broadcast and the silly, sexy stylings of the Barbary

21 Oct 2012

Politics gets sexy at Perverts Put Out! spoken word series

From locker room fantasies featuring Paul Ryan, to binders full of men, the Perverts Put Out! Election Erection Edition provided a unique take on sex, politics and the upcoming election at the

16 Oct 2012

VIDEO: nerd JERK creator crochets her way to love

Fast-talking and fun-loving, Stephanie Cortes has made it her mission to make people smile through her passion for nerdy crafting. The 29-year-old San Francisco native is the “geek mastermind” behind

14 Oct 2012

Brooklyn Red Devils snatches win from SF Bay Bombers at roller derby championship

With just seconds to go and a tied score of 48, the San Francisco Bay Bombers had one shot to keep their championship title. But for the first time since

11 Oct 2012

SF Bay Bombers gears up for roller derby world championships against Brooklyn Red Devils Oct. 13

When the SF Bay Bombers approached Jim Fitzpatrick in 2006 to be a part of the derby revival, his longtime passion for the sport made it impossible to say no. Two

03 Oct 2012

PHOTOS: Hardly Strictly Bluegrass invites artists, music lovers for 3-day fest

As the saying goes for many experiences — you never forget your first. Three days, six stages, hundreds of thousands of fans and a wide variety of music for no

27 Sep 2012

Three cases of robbery reported at SF State

Three separate incidents of robbery were reported today at SF State, according to University police. Robbery suspect Kode Alan Smith was last seen in the area near the Cesar Chavez Center and

25 Sep 2012

Red Hots Burlesque makes steamy nights at El Rio

In a flourish of feathers, sparkles, and sass, Dottie Lux invites voracious crowds to hoot and holler to their hearts’ content at Red Hots’ twice-weekly burlesque show. Red Hots Burlesque

18 Sep 2012

SF State students still waiting for ASI-proposed Queer Resource Center

Amiable chatter between friends gave way to tension when a small portion of SF State’s queer community met with two Associated Students, Inc. representatives to discuss the status of the

17 Sep 2012

Bay Area Rainbow Symphony returns with season opening concert

With tinkling percussion and sure strokes of their bows, the Bay Area Rainbow Symphony filled the San Francisco Conservatory of Music with the beginnings of its 2012-13 season. Reunions abounded

10 Sep 2012

Comic book sales thrive despite digital age

While they have no armor, weapons or gadgets, comic books possess super strength when it comes to persisting through a declining market. The digital age has acted like kryptonite for

04 Sep 2012

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Ship-Shape! tattoo exhibit at SF State features One Shot Tattoo artists

The neatly arranged collages of frames that fill the walls of the Cesar Chavez Student Center Art Gallery starkly contrast the bold, vivid designs that threaten to explode out of them.

02 Sep 2012

PHOTOS: Comic Outpost hosts "Doctor Who" viewing parties

Local Whovians flocked to Comic Outpost on Saturday evening to share giggles and gasps as they journeyed with Britain’s most beloved alien in an outrun from the Daleks for a

25 Aug 2012

SF State's Got Talent engages incoming student community

Welcome Days serve to get new SF State students acquainted with the campus, but only SF State’s Got Talent yields a fast track to on-campus fame. With everything from kung fu

03 May 2012

VIDEO: Dustin Musser of K Theory finds his niche in dubstep music

Riding the wave of dubstep’s rising popularity, K Theory has found its niche in the Bay Area electronic scene. They frequent small clubs such as EPR, but found their way

01 May 2012

CSU enrollment eligibility tightens for transfer students

Transferring from a community college to a California State University once meant meeting the base requirement of 60 semester units. Now, applying with a specific associate degree will be the

15 Apr 2012

Music lovers celebrate legacy of vinyl records on Record Store Day

With a renewed appreciation for tangible tunes, music fans are dusting off their old turntables and boomboxes for another spin. It can be hard to believe that vinyl records and

10 Apr 2012

PHOTOS: Conductor helps preserve legacy of SFSU Wind Ensemble

Fifty musicians wielding saxophones, clarinets and bassoons bustled around the stage of McKenna Theater finding their places. Within a few minutes of beginning the concert, they were in perfect harmony,

06 Apr 2012

San Francisco nonprofit theater group 42nd Steet Moon stays open with help of donations

In a city filled to the brim with theatrical and musical talent, 42nd Street Moon stands alone in opening its curtains to the lesser-known but ever-lovable musicals of the 1920s

03 Apr 2012

SF State's annual Vagina Monologues production aims to entertain and inform

Fourteen women plan to get down to the dirty, dramatic and droll details of womanhood in SF State’s third annual production of The Vagina Monologues, which begins April 4. Due

28 Mar 2012

Sherlock fans make their presence known in bathroom stalls, hallways at SF State

When Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote the death of Sherlock Holmes in 1893, fans wore black armbands to mourn the loss of the famous fictional detective. This year, when the

28 Mar 2012

Tre Burt and a Big Gust of Wind breaks into San Francisco music scene

Deadlines and self-promotion may not be his strong suit, but acoustic crooner Tre Burt is networking his way to becoming a musical staple of San Francisco. Burt, a self-taught multi-instrumentalist,

14 Mar 2012

Local indie band Owl Paws signs record label deal, hopes to expand audience

Fresh out of the recording studio, the local indie band Owl Paws is setting itself up for a summer breakthrough. The five musicians, who bonded over a love of the

29 Feb 2012

Nonmonosexuality deserves recognition within LGBTQ communities

The LGBTQ+ community may fly a rainbow flag, but if you don’t exactly fit into the L or G, things start to feel uncomfortably black and white. Without a niche

28 Feb 2012

Local band capitalizes on viral YouTube video

Before writing off that sixth installment of the latest YouTube video trend as an overdone joke, consider what might be accomplished from jumping on the bandwagon. James Guttman, a fourth-year

28 Feb 2012

Recording industry has its eye on illegal downloads

The time-consuming process of browsing the internet for cheaper alternatives to iTunes and Amazon might be worth it to the cash-strapped student, but only until the recording industry finds out.

17 Feb 2012

Persistence pays off for indie band Rin Tin Tiger

Through their own initiative, the organic, alternative-folk tunes of Rin Tin Tiger have reached listeners across the world. The band itself, however, has managed to keep its roots firmly planted

08 Feb 2012

Indie-pop group French Cassettes returns to San Francisco

It is largely through trial and error that the French Cassettes have become the band they are today. The indie pop quartet, consisting of Scott Huerta on lead vocals and

08 Feb 2012

Proposition 8 ruling spurs San Francisco LGBT community rally

In celebration of the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeal’s ruling of Proposition 8 as unconstitutional, the San Francisco LGBT Community Center hosted a community rally yesterday evening. As more