09 May 2013

Gavin Newsom tells SF State: use social media for democracy

Social media has created a platform for communication unlike one that has ever existed before and, according to Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, that platform can be honed to help the

15 Feb 2013

Taekwondo demonstration excites SF State club

The Taekwondo Club at SF State is expecting visitors from a foreign collegiate team of athletes, Feb. 16, to demonstrate new techniques and talk about changing regulations in the sport.

05 Feb 2013

Limited resources for GWAR classes stunt students' progress

The shock of being told you don’t have the prerequisites for a crucial class is a feeling many students are familiar with. For Dylan Phillipy, a kinesiology senior, missing prerequisites

16 May 2012

Social media presence poses a factor in workforce for SF State students

If you’ve never before regretted that 2 a.m. Facebook post about your drunken sexcapades, maybe your next boss can help you. The social media generation has had to become conscious of

29 Apr 2012

An SF State student's need for more support for disability

Suffering a brain injury just before my first year of college was obviously not in my plans. A month after my high school graduation and less than a month and

20 Feb 2012

SF State Humanities building flooded, no classes canceled

Maintenance staff responded to a flood in the south wing of the Humanities building caused by a ruptured water pipe Sunday Feb. 19 at around 5:30 p.m., after a student

20 Feb 2012

Water in the walls: A housing horror story

Morgan Shingling knew she had a big problem on her hands when her apartment on the first floor of a two-story building started leaking from the ceiling the Saturday before

24 Jan 2012

PHOTOS: Chinese New Year brought in with a bang in Chinatown

Opportunistic pyromaniacs celebrated Chinese New Year, on the streets of Chinatown Sunday night. Resounded bangs of light,  laughter, pervasive metallic-smelling smoke and full-grown adults running to avoid debris from crackers

10 Dec 2011

Responding to the Occupy movement: A cop's side of the story

Every day, Sheriff’s Deputy Timothy Vales wakes up and puts on his uniform. Though his son left May 1st to serve in the United States Army, Vales stops briefly in

08 Dec 2011

SF State students celebrate Hanukkah away from home

The winter holidays are usually a time to be with family, but college students can often find themselves far from home and must find their own ways to celebrate. For

01 Dec 2011

SF State students, professor collect mushrooms for fungus fair

Late fall is the time for the fleshy bodies of fungi to find their way to the moist, earthy surface. This time of year, mushroom specialist and biology teacher JR

08 Nov 2011

Author recognized for inspiring interest in science among youth

According to the San Francisco City Library, if there is one book that everyone in San Francisco needs to read, it’s Mary Roach’s “Packing for Mars.” Celebrated for her quirky

01 Nov 2011

San Francisco district attorney: get to know the candidates

The duties of the district attorney are to manage the prosecutor’s office, investigate alleged crimes in cooperation with law enforcement and file criminal charges or bring evidence before the Grand

10 Oct 2011

Commonwealth Club mayoral forum creates fuss between candidates

Following a particularly contentious week between leading mayoral candidates, the Commonwealth Club mayoral forum brought out the real fireworks on key San Francisco issues Oct. 6. Though it was not

28 Sep 2011

San Francisco mayor race heats up at City College

Mayoral candidates appeared at City College of San Francisco Sept. 28 to discuss key city issues ranging from curtailing crime, fighting poverty and preventing police corruption to finding funding for

21 Sep 2011

Potential suicide barrier for Golden Gate Bridge still under political, financial debate

Though many are familiar with the landmark, few people know that the Golden Gate bridge has been the final destination of almost 2,000 people who ended their lives after grappling

11 Sep 2011

San Francisco opera depicts life of 9/11 hero

As America prepared to remember the attacks on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, one hero in particular was remembered through the art of opera on the eve

01 Sep 2011

Hide your kids, hide your bikes: bike theft an epidemic in San Francisco

Using environmentally-friendly transportation is becoming a widely-accepted trend, but what happens if being green leads to losing up to thousands of dollars of property? In 2010, San Francisco was deemed