23 Dec 2011

Students seek the best places to study during finals week

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Paper is strewn about, everyone loses sleep over how prepared they are and fingers get tired from endless Internet searches. No, it’s

13 Dec 2011

Bus Rapid Transit construction delayed again

San Francisco public transit has hit yet another snag in the road. Originally planned for 2004 and again in 2006, a Bus Rapid Transit system would have brought a high speed

09 Dec 2011

High-speed train connecting San Francisco to Los Angeles a long way from finished

San Francisco is known for its robust and accessible public transportation. A big upgrade is on the horizon in the form of a high-speed rail that will connect the city

06 Dec 2011

BART will shut down cell phone service in "extreme circumstances"

The BART board of directors held a meeting Thursday, Dec. 1 and voted unanimously for a new policy for riders that would allow cell phone service to be shut down

02 Dec 2011

Occupy SFSU protesters meet with Corrigan, set up camp

Nearly 150 SF State students attended an Occupy SF State rally yesterday in Malcolm X plaza to protest the coming 9 percent tuition fee hike. What began as a bunch

15 Nov 2011

BART considering discount for frequent riders

San Francisco is a city largely dependent on public transportation. Fare hikes have been the norm lately, but BART is now considering offering discounts to high volume commuters. A new

14 Nov 2011

Financial woes force SF State students to move back in with parents

Many graduating seniors have mixed feelings of excitement and fear with the end of the school year rapidly approaching and the looming question of “what’s next?” hanging over their heads.

08 Nov 2011

Crossing guards work to keep SF State students safe

As the light turns green, more than 50 students rush past the crossing guard at 19th and Holloway avenues as if she doesn’t even exist. Their minds are too preoccupied

07 Nov 2011

VIDEO: San Franciscans' craziest Muni stories

San Francisco is home to one of the nation’s most infamous transit systems. With nearly 100 Muni routes and half a dozen BART lines, there are bound to be bizarre,

25 Oct 2011

Muni changes route for 28-Limited bus as part of pilot project

With budgets always being cut, the commute to SF State isn’t getting any easier.  On Oct. 17, a change was made to the frequency of the 28-L, a crucial route

18 Oct 2011

Muni to install cameras to make sure operators aren't using cell phones

Most people are finally beginning to understand the dangers of using cell phones and other electronic devices while driving. Now, the risk posed by train operators using such devices is

06 Oct 2011

New proposal would allow kids to ride Muni for free

UPDATE: Despite the growing interest to make Muni free for children 17 and younger, money still remains a key issue. An estimate by Muni suggests that about 15 percent of

25 Sep 2011

Central Subway Project to ease commuting woes in San Francisco

Commuting in San Francisco can be challenging, especially during rush hour when having to transfer to a different bus line. The San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency hopes to decrease the

20 Sep 2011

Lake Merced construction could be underway soon

At one time, the Lake Merced boathousewas a social gathering spot. People could come and have a drink overlooking the lake or just make a quick pit stop to buy

30 Aug 2011

Back-door boarding could be legalized on Muni buses

Taking the bus can be a time-consuming process. Waiting for it to arrive and then cramming onto the single front door takes time many students don’t have. Some hope that

23 Aug 2011

New consumer advisory in place after concern of cell phone radiation dangers

UPDATE: Judge William Alsup denied the majority of a city ordinance that would have required retailers to warn customers about harmful cellphone radiation and health effects Oct 27. Alsup ruled