28 Oct 2014

Ray Rice domestic violence costumes remind us how much society needs to learn

Unfortunately, Halloween is no stranger to culturally misappropriated and wildly offensive costumes (queue Native American headdresses, blackface and poking fun at celebrity scandals), but the recently surfaced slew of Ray

26 Aug 2014

OPINION: Daily commuters should get discounted campus parking permits

It’s hard enough to roll out of bed to make an 8 a.m. class. For the 88 percent of SF State students who live off campus, the struggle is even

17 Aug 2014

OPINION: Outside Lands litters park grounds, then gives back

Outside Lands took over Golden Gate Park last weekend, displaying a diverse range of acts such as Arctic Monkeys, Macklemore, Tiesto and Tegan and Sara, leaving our feet sore and

14 May 2014

Fashion Forecast: how to dress when it’s sunny in SF

San Franciscans have a multi-faceted arsenal of rain gear and are well-versed in the concept of bundling up when the fog rolls in. But they are a bit thrown off

05 May 2014

VIDEO: ‘Provoke’ fashion show puts student designs on the map

[HTML1] Leather, lace, cotton, chiffon and everything in between graced the runway at the San Francisco Design Center as apparel design students showcased their designs. Runway 2014: Provoke, the 20th

23 Apr 2014

Levi’s brings $5 jeans to campus for Earth Day

Ride your bike to work, drink out of a reusable water bottle, learn the difference between compost and landfill and don’t forget your ripped jeans because this year, bottles and

21 Apr 2014

Bay Area rapper Iamsu! performance a step in shaking off ‘commuter school’ label

Many students may remember it as a makeshift library, but pulsating lights, pounding bass and a crowd of twerking college students have replaced tables, bookcases and computers in the high

16 Apr 2014

VIDEO Branding the golden city: alumni create print and clothing company San Franpsycho

[HTML1] San Franpsycho, the brainchild of Andy Olive and Christian Routzen, was first born into the culture of riding waves. The clothing brand is now making waves throughout the city

30 Mar 2014

Pan African fashion show unites culture and conquers stereotypes

  Tuesday, March 18, the Black Student Union deconstructed stereotypes to reconstruct African culture through their annual Pan African fashion show in Jack Adams Hall. Students modeled clothing lines from

18 Mar 2014

Barbies, Spice Girls and crop tops: Monica Arana’s route to fashion

Monica Arana, senior, drapes cloth on a mannequin for one of her designs Tuesday, March 18, 2014. The clothes will be modeled at the Provoke Spring Fashion Show May 1.

12 Mar 2014

Society glorifies hot mess celebrities

In our society, frivolous social networks seem to be a more pressing concept than social unrest and the average young adult can probably give you a longer list of celebrities

05 Mar 2014

Chamber music class puts on quintet performance, offers master class (AUDIO SLIDESHOW)

[HTML1] Performing chamber music is not an easy task. There is no conductor to guide each performer. There are no flashing, colored lights or visualizers to distract the audience. The

25 Feb 2014

Campus continues celebrating Chinese New Year

[set_id=72157641338924664] Excited voices and laughter reverberated off of the walls and ceilings of Jack Adams Hall. The aromatic scent of Chinese food wafted through the room and each table was

19 Feb 2014

Fireworks bring in San Francisco’s Chinese New Year, year of the horse

Volunteers from the Ma-Tsu Temple move part of their parade procession Saturday, Feb. 15, 2014. Photo by Ryan Leibrich / Xpress Chinese New Year, also called the Lunar New Year,

10 Feb 2014

Valentine’s Day isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

We’ve heard it all: Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday, a Hallmark holiday, a day created by greeting card and chocolate companies to celebrate something that really should be manifested

06 Feb 2014

Classical musician stars play at Knuth Hall

[set_id=72157640601508315] On Wednesday afternoon, while most students were in class, Knuth Hall reverberated with the sound of classical music, as violinist Jassen Todorov and pianist Adrian Borcea performed several of

31 Jan 2014

Weekly shows at The Depot kick off with Talk of Shamans, Wax Children and Tino Drima

[set_id=72157640323187616] A crowd of students waited for the first guitar riff of the semester to fill up The Depot’s tight corners this past Wednesday night. The room transformed into a