10 May 2016

Sex work doesn’t devalue people

My family’s 2006 calendar hung in the kitchen next to the fridge. It was a NASCAR calendar, the same one we get every year. The days were marked with special

03 May 2016

Girls like Captain America too

Growing up, I had an assortment of Barbie computer games, official Barbie Christmas ornaments and, of course, dozens of actual Barbie dolls. I loved Barbie’s life in plastic. It was

29 Mar 2016

UPDATED: Video of Student Center argument goes viral

A video of an argument between two people in the lower level of the Cesar Chavez Student Center started gaining traction online Monday. The video, titled “SFSU 2016 – Campus employee assaults

08 Mar 2016

Moms are allowed to be sexy too

I don’t know what magical powers the Kardashian family possess that make everyone hate them, but I’m obsessed with whatever witchcraft they’re performing. It’s like they’re spending every night spilling

23 Feb 2016

Bible thumpers should hate less and love more

I’ve always had a strong, “you-do-you” policy when it comes to religion. You do you, and you believe in what you want, as long as you aren’t harming anyone. Growing

26 Jan 2016

Tatum’s performance drags down ‘Lip Sync Battle’

[media-credit id=294 align=”alignnone” width=”369″][/media-credit]  January is my favorite month of the year, mostly because it’s my birthday month. I spend all month surrounding myself with positive images to remind myself

08 Dec 2015

‘The Voice’ caters to judges, not contestants

One of my favorite parts of the weekend is when my friends and I get together, sit down and have a makeshift Socratic seminar about the world’s most important issues.

01 Dec 2015

Scientology tarnishes Cruise’s star power

I’ve made a lot of questionable decisions in my lifetime. I am a 21-year-old man who goes to One Direction concerts. I sleep in a bed covered in orange dust from

17 Nov 2015

DWTS needs to dance with more same-sex couples

[media-credit name=”Illustration by Jocelyn Carranza” align=”alignright” width=”496″][/media-credit]It is a pretty accepting time for the gay community right now. It’s nowhere near perfect, but there’s been significant progress toward full acceptance.

10 Nov 2015

‘Rich Girl’ Gwen appropriates again

I imagine Gwen Stefani lives a pretty simple life. She sleeps in every morning, gets up to shower off whatever diseases Blake Shelton gave her the night before, and then looks in

03 Nov 2015

‘SNL’ should dump Donald Trump

Most of my family is insanely conservative and racist. Since I only see them once or twice a year, I usually forget how terrible they are, and once I finally see them,

26 Oct 2015

“The Force Awakens” is bound to disappoint

A long, long time ago in a barn far, far away, the Virgin Mary gave birth to a little, bloody baby Jesus. Mary gave life to our lord and savior

21 Oct 2015

Reality shows lack luster of former glory

[media-credit name=”Illustration by Reid Cammack” align=”alignright” width=”479″][/media-credit] I’ve never been a particularly avid watcher of “America’s Next Top Model,” but when I’m home all day and there’s an “ANTM” marathon running,

13 Oct 2015

Bullying took the home out of my hometown

[media-credit name=”Illustration by Reid Cammack” align=”alignright” width=”527″][/media-credit] Growing up in the suburbs of Sacramento, I was the fabulous little poster boy for the gay stereotype. My childhood obsession with “The Sound

06 Oct 2015

Audiences groan over excessive Hollywood remakes

Whenever a Hollywood reboot, sequel or spinoff is announced, you can hear the faint sounds of a million angry people screaming about today’s unoriginal movie market. If you listen closely enough, you

30 Sep 2015

Misguided critics throw bricks at Emmerick’s “Stonewall” wall

One huge problem with America is our politically correct culture. Everyone is always finding random reasons to be offended. The latest attack from the PC police is criticism for the new queer

21 Sep 2015

Kendall Jenner faces undeserved hate

Whenever I feel down about my life, I look at the comment section of online news articles. Because, even if I think my life is going downhill, I can always

16 Sep 2015

Bigots ruin Caitlyn costume

[media-credit name=”(Eva Rodriguez / Express)” align=”alignright” width=”621″][/media-credit] Halloween is the time of year when everyone breaks out their skimpy, scary and tacky costumes and parade around, pretending to be someone

10 Sep 2015

Taylor Swift generates racist controversy again

As our lord and savior Taylor Swift prophesied, the haters are going to hate, hate, hate. The thing is, I don’t think the pop goddess expected the haters to hate her

31 Aug 2015

Miley Cyrus can’t, but should, be tamed

I can’t wait to sit my future children down and tell them where I was when President Kanye West announced his presidential run. I’ll then reminisce about my MTV memories of Madonna

25 Aug 2015

Media distorts body image

In 2015, you can wear a computer on your wrist, eat brownie-batter-flavored Oreos and follow a San Franciscan fog cloud on Twitter, but apparently you can’t live your life without someone

20 May 2015

Is the four year college degree a myth?

The Bible warned me about temptation, sin and most bad things in the world, but it didn’t warn me about the hell of trying to graduate college in four years.