07 Dec 2016

SF State’s Muslim community prepares as hate crimes increase

Post-election fears and anxieties of many Muslims have become a reality in the wake of the 2016 presidential election. Jehan Hakim, an SF State alumnus, recalled a horrifying incident involving

07 Dec 2016

Media-driven Islamophobia has created Islamic extremism

In the fall of 2001, as I turned for Salaam at the end of Jumah salat, Islamic Friday prayer, I craned my neck over my shoulder, first to the right

16 Nov 2016

Gators keeper kneels in solidarity

On a summer night Arianna Wesley was almost hit by a car on her stroll to the gym. She exchanged words with the the driver, a white male, who responded

11 Oct 2016

Legalize black beauty

[media-credit id=424 align=”alignnone” width=”361″][/media-credit] Nappy, kinky, not white. As a Black woman, my hair is judged and scrutinized because it does not fit the whitewashed mold of beauty in America.