06 Dec 2011

University police report shows uptick in crime at SF State

The annual Campus Security and Fire Safety Report was recently released by SF State University Police Department and it shows that theft and sexual crimes have risen on campus. The

05 Dec 2011

Crime, theft rates rise on SF State campus

While a quick flip through the SF State crime log would have students believe the campus is generally safe, crime has been pushed to the forefront, especially with a recent

02 Dec 2011

Occupy SFSU plans to camp out through end of fall semester

After successfully setting up an overnight encampment, Occupy SFSU held its first general assembly late last night at SF State. The general assembly voted through majority rule on encampment rules,

11 Nov 2011

Egg donation: profitable or risky?

Fliers asking young women to donate their eggs with the incentive to get compensated with up to $8,000 are a common sight around campus. Last November, Emily Watson, a 22-year-old

10 Nov 2011

Protesters, professor arrested at Occupy Cal demonstration

Thirty-nine arrests were made at the Occupy Cal demonstration after protesters refused to take down tents on the UC Berkeley campus. Demonstrators organized a general assembly Wednesday afternoon and approved a

25 Oct 2011

Marijuana dispensaries could be evicted by order of federal government

The war on medical marijuana took a new turn recently as landlords who rent to medical marijuana dispensaries were threatened with prosecution by the federal government in California. Earlier this

16 Oct 2011

Occupy SFSU protesters camping in front of student center dispersed by police

A group of students gathered on the quad this morning with the purpose of camping out over the weekend as part of the Occupy SFSU demonstrations that began yesterday. International

13 Oct 2011

Occupy SF movement comes to SF State, students begin to organize

The Occupy SF movement has officially reached SF State, as students held their first general assembly meeting in front of the Ethnic Studies building today at noon. The protest was

10 Oct 2011

Gov. Jerry Brown signs second part of California Dream Act into law

Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law yesterday that will extend educational opportunities to undocumented students, granting them eligibility to receive state financial aid in California universities and community colleges.

10 Oct 2011

Occupy SF protests still a strong presence in city

At 101 Market St. in front of the Federal Reserve, people have been persuading onlookers to join them in defending the 99 percent, referring to the idea that 1 percent of

Photo by Hang Cheng
24 Sep 2011

Nude-in celebrates body acceptance

Tourists to the Castro today got a little more of a photo-op than normal as nudists gathered for a peaceful protest in the neighborhood ahead of Sunday’s Folsom Street Fair.

20 Sep 2011

SF Food Bank's federal funding slashed

More than 30,000 households that receive food from the San Francisco Food Bank maybe affected by a recent drastic cut in funding due to qualifications set by the Emergency Food

12 Sep 2011

Monday night BART protest saw no arrests, station closures

No arrests were made Monday during a BART protest that took place at 5 p.m. at Civic Center BART station. This is the fifth protest known as “OpBART” which is

29 Aug 2011

Dream Act could make higher education a reality for undocumented students

Once again, California is setting the bar for the rest of the country with the California Dream Act, which enables undocumented students with a greater financial ability to pursue higher

23 Aug 2011

New bill could block cops from searching through cell phones without a warrant

UPDATE: Jerry Brown acted on 140 bills yesterday, vetoing four, including the bill that would bar police from searching through cell phones without a warrant. Your cell phone can hold