21 Nov 2017

Warped feelings about The Warped Tour

When I read the statement the founder of The Vans Warped Tour published, a piece of my teenage heart died. “With many mixed feelings, I am here to announce that

23 Aug 2017

New Depot management aims for students outreach

Associated Students, Inc. has welcomed a new manager for The Depot this year in an untraditional way. Instead of promoting the past assistant manager to manager, ASI has hired Joaquin

17 May 2017

Future campus life: predictions from the graduates of 2017

With the new Mashouf Wellness Center nearing completion and proposed construction plans ahead, future graduates reflect on their time at SF State while predicting how campus life may differ for

16 May 2017

SF State graduate student identified as Treasure Island homicide victim

The victim of a homicide on Treasure Island Wednesday has been identified as an SF State graduate student. He was identified by the medical examiner Friday, weeks before accepting his

11 May 2017

Annual Happy Concert offers stress relief before finals

Students looking for a relaxing outlet before finals can find musical respite inside the Creative Arts Building’s Knuth Hall. Victoria Neve, classical piano professor and Inara Morgenstern, accompanist and lecturer,

03 May 2017

Parkmerced bar shakes shady rep to bring in college students

The Park Merced watering hole, known to many as The Lister, has recently undergone a few changes aimed at bringing in more of a crowd from the Parkmerced community, including

13 Apr 2017

Brother Gipson and the Mantra take the win at Battle of the Bands, set to open for Vince Staples

The Depot at SF State filled with students and supporters Tuesday to watch the second event of the 7th Annual Rhythms Music Festival. Five bands battled for a chance to

05 Apr 2017

Students collaborate to form rock band

Playing loud, progressive rock music has become a passion for SF State students Tyler Wood, Christian Arriola and Dax Mcfarlane. Wood, guitarist and singer, started the band Phlogiston as a

29 Mar 2017

Students use Facebook to buy and sell local concert tickets

Some students are turning to an untraditional source to locate tickets for shows and concerts, while others have found an easier way to sell. “SFSU Concerts” is a Facebook page

29 Mar 2017

KSFS brings innovative mediums of music to the radio

By choosing to showcase live music instead of typical pre-recorded music, SF State’s KSFS Radio station is pushing the boundaries of the airwaves. The resident radio station is utilizing the

08 Mar 2017

Students concerned about the future of gender neutral bathrooms

Feelings of uncertainty and concern are prevalent among students who identify as transgender as their rights are being threatened by the Trump administration’s stance on transgender rights. The Obama administration

01 Mar 2017

Asian Art Collaborative effort comes to campus

SF State’s School of Music is bringing back ImprovisAsians for another set of musical and cultural collaborations, recitals and panels. Asian Improv aRts, an organization that produces and represents art

25 Feb 2017

SF State to showcase Greek culture through music

SF State’s Center for Modern Greek Studies is thinking outside the box with unconventional ways to showcase Greek heritage. Teaming up with the Greek Chamber Music Project, the department is

08 Feb 2017

hit me, Harold!: Full-time students, part-time rock band

Many students in San Francisco utilize the artistic freedom this unique city provides. SF State students, Max Volen and Jack Connor, alongside their friend and Academy of Arts student, Chris

31 Jan 2017

The Depot strives to offer more diversity

The Depot, a haven for music lovers, artists and performers hidden away on the lower level of the Cesar Chavez building, is hoping to expand their lineup to reflect the