12 Dec 2011

Naked Santas attempt to break world record in San Francisco

San Francisco is a city with a penchant for public nudity. So, with the holidays coming up, what could be truer to its culture than to make history counting Santas

06 Dec 2011

Occupy SFSU: What will it accomplish?

In the midst of the genesis of the Occupy SFSU encampment, Xpress reporter Spencer DeVine asks a small sample of students, what they think this gathering will accomplish. Footage by

04 Dec 2011

Students should factor sleep into their schedules

“The party last night was too good to pass up,” “I had to study for that midterm,” “I was on stumble all night and I just needed to click one

28 Nov 2011

VIDEO, REVIEW: "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead" at SF State

Humor isn’t all Jersey Shore rejects and fart jokes, every now and again intelligent comedy finds its way through the pop culture haze and it’s important to grab on before

11 Nov 2011

Art exhibit explores gender in new light

Art is a tool that can change the world, inspire leaders and shape entire cultures. However, can even the best art completely restructure centuries of female objectification? A new San

11 Nov 2011

Endgames improv groups seeks to make spontaneous comedy more accessible, popular in San Francisco

Most people have had a relationship that they would consider “F!#&ed up,” whether it was the constant bickering, problems in bed or his obsession with “Knight Rider,” but a local

25 Oct 2011

VIDEO: The Mint Karaoke Lounge offers inexpensive fun for students

The atmosphere is thick with audience excitement and anticipation. Microphone in hand and a chart-topping song prepared for cheering fans with live-streaming video broadcasted worldwide, the star is now ready

25 Oct 2011

"Trial of Lucullus" radio play reinterpreted by SF State theater department

Radio brings many things to a modern world like irrelevant one-hit-wonders from the ’90s, that dream doctor show at obsolete hours and … the condemnation of Roman generals to Hades?

23 Oct 2011

Fashion Network Association prepares for student fashion show

What separates man from animals? Some would say it’s opposable thumbs, others the use of tools, while a more select group would say that it’s the ability to do the

15 Oct 2011

"Wallflower" play merges 1950s charm with a Shakespearean classic

What happens when the magic from the forest of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” with the shyness and the charm of the 1950s are mixed? Well, other than a very eloquent

06 Oct 2011

Alternative Press Expo showcases indie publishers

There is an unbridled energy that surges from the imagination of an artist into his work. When given free creative control, this power can give birth to romance, intrigue and epically

24 Sep 2011

Restaurant patrons should remember to tip generously

It seems like everyone has had that one waiter who gets your order wrong, has a poor attitude or rarely shows up to your table. In response you may think

22 Sep 2011

SF State music professor honored as educator of the year

As the clarinet player in her high school marching band, Dianthe “Dee” Spencer  never thought she would be winning awards and shaping young minds to hopefully one day do the

12 Sep 2011

San Francisco resident trains for a good cause

Most children were taught that they can’t run away from the issues of the world, but Jessica Coloumbe runs right toward them. Coloumbe, 31, is training and raising funds for

01 Sep 2011

SF State theater students modernize Shakespeare's "Henry VI"

Intrigue, subterfuge, political drama and a ticking bomb ready to go off at any moment. No, this isn’t an episode of “24”. This is Shakespeare. Do It Live Productions, led

30 Aug 2011

Traveling artist creates recycled artwork in Dolores Park

Van Gogh interpreted the shades and colors of France into genius with paint, Michelangelo sculpted and shaped history with marble, but conceptual artist Nicky Wattsfinds inspiration in plaster, recycled paper,

19 May 2011

10 cheap things to do this summer for penny-pinching students

After tuition, books, rent and all the other countless academic expenses, students can be left feeling a little strapped for cash by the time summer rolls around. Don’t worry! Here’s

10 May 2011

"Dragons & Dresses & Ducklings Oh My!”

A flurry of color dances across the stage of the Humanities lecture hall.  Children in the audience laugh as giant ducks, jellybeans, a dragon and an outrageous duke perform not

03 May 2011

Witches of Reclaiming celebrate Beltane in Golden Gate Park

Dorothy was out of sorts when she landed in Oz and confronted magical witches waging a turf war; however, if she had run into the witches of Reclaiming rather than

27 Apr 2011

Tricyclists burn plastic at annual Bring Your Own Big Wheel Race

Thousands of determined riders took to the streets of one of the city’s most treacherous hills in a daring downhill slalom Sunday, while riding…plastic tricycles? The participants assembled at 20th

19 Apr 2011

Martians take over campus

Break out the tinfoil hats—SF State is under an alien attack. In order to fight alien anxiety, graduate student David Daw and renowned SF State metaphysics professor Dr. Richard Pearson

18 Apr 2011

Students respond to power outage

At approximately 11 a.m. Monday, power went out all over the SF State campus, followed by the incessant ringing of fire alarms. “There was a fire alarm ringing in the

12 Apr 2011

VIDEO: SF State calls for an end to violence against women

Video by Brittany Doohan In honor of V-Day, SF State women are proving to peers that they can stand up to violence. Knuth Hall hosted the first of two performances

07 Apr 2011

Pranksters share tricks of public shenanigans

Many traditional stories have been told by the warm light of a fireplace, invoking nostalgia that is passed down through generations. However, the story of more than 40 people dressed

03 Apr 2011

Comic book lovers geek out at WonderCon

There is a place where capes and masks are the norm, where comic books and superheroes are the topics on the tip of everyone’s tongues and where stormtroopers haggle over

22 Mar 2011

Bands begin six-month battle for prized title

Hercules. Hector. Achilles. Odysseus. Much like the glorious heroes of mythology, champions walk among us today, fighting for dominance in their field. Weapon of choice: electric guitar. The DNA Lounge

16 Mar 2011

Parade launches St. Patty's party

If green is your favorite color, you love finding pots full of gold coins and you have four-leaf clovers in your yard, then you’re already prepared for the greenest holiday

11 Mar 2011

Citizen Review Board approved by BART police

BART officials finalized a committee of 11 members Thursday for a newly established Citizen Review Board as part of the BART Police Department. According to BART officials, the creation of

08 Mar 2011

Budget cuts run deep for SF students

David Quintana is not an overly anxious man, but even he worries about the future of his education. In the face of impending and threatening budget cuts, he attempts to

08 Mar 2011

Mario Kart races to the canvas

As the cliche goes you only have one life to live, but that does not apply to video games like Super Mario Brothers or Duck Hunt. Now, even art fans

02 Mar 2011

Gators march to CCSF in protest of budget cuts

The Postman will carry his mail through sleet and snow, rain and hail, to get it to it’s destination, but mailmen have nothing on agitated college students protesting massive budget

28 Feb 2011

What cold? Teams dive into Bay for a good cause

Despite chilly winds, a man in a giant penguin suit merely shivered before plunging into the frigid San Francisco Bay along with more than 600 others. The Special Olympics Northern

22 Feb 2011

San Franciscans exchange beats through an old favorite

  Some would say the window to the soul is through one’s iTunes playlist, and the San Francisco Mixtape Society intends to tell all. The San Francisco Mixtape Society, which

15 Feb 2011

Bike ballet gets boisterous in Bayview

What do you get when you take a group of charismatic women that mixes funky dance moves with daring stunts on bikes? The answer: the Bay Area Derailleurs bike dance

31 Jan 2011

Power of love expressed through long-forgotten genre

Showing that you’re in love with someone doesn’t usually involve a sailor’s costume with a hula hoop or a coordinated magic act on trampolines, but a new San Francisco performance

23 Jan 2011

SF Sketchfest rings in the laughs

If you had told Garry Shandling 30 years ago that 1,400 people would pay money and crowd into a theater to see him, he probably would have made a joke that