13 Dec 2012

SF State artist forges storytelling craft

Rather than simply picking one medium to master, April Martin Chartrand has gone so far as to completely create her own art form altogether. Her art form called  “fiberalchemy,” is

08 Dec 2012

Q&A: Dying Fetus' Trey Williams on new album 'Reign Supreme,' tour and death metal

Editor’s note: This post contains some explicit language and material that may be considered offensive. Death metal has always been about pushing limits to the extreme, either musically or lyrically.

27 Nov 2012

VIDEO: SF State takes on romantic tragedy 'Lorenzaccio'

The stage of SF State’s Little Theatre is an arena of manufactured shadows. Giant mirror-plated pillars surround the stage and can be rotated on command to bounce the ominous lighting

10 Nov 2012

Q&A: Milo Greene's Robbie Arnett on songwriting, tour and San Francisco

Los Angeles indie-folk quintet, Milo Greene has been on quite the tour lately. After their debut self titled album peaked at number one on the Billboard Heatseaker 100 this summer, they

07 Nov 2012

SF State's Voice winner balances love for music, education

When the winner of SF State’s Voice competition was announced in Jack Adams Hall Oct. 25, Anna Nguyen seemed to freeze, standing with her mouth agape in complete surprise at

29 Oct 2012

"Shotgun!" displays off-the-cuff student acts

Most college students understand the feelings associated with having to produce decent work under duress and intense time constraints, but believe it or not, a large group of student directors,

26 Oct 2012

Biology major Anna Nguyen named SF State's Voice

The office of Student Life has finally found SF State’s Voice with the conclusion of the month-long singing competition Thursday night. Anna Nguyen was dubbed the winner of SF State’s

10 Oct 2012

Original student plays to hit big stage at One-Act Fringe

This fall, the biannual One-Act Fringe series expands as students are challenged in adapting their performances to a larger format at McKenna Theatre, the main stage in the Creative Arts Building.

09 Oct 2012

Virtual Vet Corp illuminates veterans' experiences, struggles

On top of the trauma of investigating heinous crimes, Bob Hollingsworth’s base was under mortar fire during his entire time in Iraq. He estimates that his base was mortared more

02 Oct 2012

PHOTOS: SF State students show off vocal chops in 'Voice' competition

Student Life has taken it upon themselves to discover who has the greatest voice on campus with SF State’s Voice Competition. The month-long singing engagement is based off the popular

24 Sep 2012

SF State cinema professor Pat Jackson wins Emmy for sound editing

Nicole Kidman’s voice-over narrates a hectic scene of Soviet paratroopers jumping out of planes to an uncertain fate while orchestral music swells with dramatic portent, signifying the outset of the

18 Sep 2012

SF State art class to host Art Faculty Exhibition from ground up

The half-empty room is itself a blank canvas. The white walls wait as they are slowly transformed into a broader work of art with the political, surrealist, contemporary and abstract

10 Sep 2012

The Depot, ASI to set up new venue at SF State for The Growlers Sept. 14

In a dark nook carved into a basement wall, musical guests amplify their talents over the mezzanine and down into the bustling and buzzing recreation and dining level. The sounds

04 Sep 2012

99 Stock Productions to present "Edward Gant's Amazing Feats of Loneliness" at SF State

As if the first couple weeks of school were not crazy enough, 99 Stock Productions is bringing their performance of “Edward Gant’s Amazing Feats of Loneliness” to SF State’s Studio

03 Sep 2012

VIDEO: Bisi & The Moonwalker serenades Haight Street

Equipped with his black Fender acoustic guitar, Joshua Smith sways on Haight Street alongside his partner Bisi Obateru, who is armed with a microphone. After picking a spot they set

30 Aug 2012

SF State cinema student Chandra Reyes takes another glance 'through the looking glass' with winning film

A young woman with painted-black hair awakens inside a square, checkerboard room — and she is not alone. She is being watched by an anthropomorphic hare, a young man wearing