21 May 2019

Ethics violations betray department’s integrity

The journalism department at SF State has an ethics problem. In the 2018-19 academic year alone, Xpress editors discovered nine cases of plagiarism and five cases of fabrication from student-reporters.

21 May 2019

Theft of newspapers an act of censorship

Golden Gate Xpress newspapers were found in a trash can near the empty newspaper stand by Rm. 125 in the Humanities Building on May 15, 2019. (MONSERRATH ARREOLA/Golden Gate Xpress)

23 Apr 2019

Low voter turnout highlights flaws in election process

According to the Associated Students Inc. Board’s organization chart, the student body is supposed to have the most powerful voice in the administration of the University—more than President Leslie Wong,

16 Apr 2019

Anti-abortion activists ignore societal conditions

A Genocide Awareness Project sign with the words “Fuck you bitch my body my choice,” scrawled on it in front of the Cesar Chavez Center during an anti-abortion protest on

09 Apr 2019

McCarthyism, oppression unwelcome on campus

A portrait of Joseph Raymond McCarthy from United Press via Wikimedia Commons.    Depending on your interpretation of Zionism at SF State, you might have your name, face and information

19 Mar 2019

Forced meal plan draws ire, makes campus residents sick

In 2015 the University sold a monopoly on campus residents’ eating habits and nutrition to Sodexo, a multinational food services and facilities management company with a long history of healthcode

12 Mar 2019

Tenure-track faculty are worth funding

In a bid to pad metrics that justify their six-figure salaries, SF State administrators have repurposed funds meant to improve the well-being of the campus community to instead increase class

04 Mar 2019

No fond farewell for Giants CEO Larry Baer

The San Francisco Giants, their fanbase and Major League Baseball have a lot to think about in the wake of a viral video featuring the Giants President and CEO Larry

26 Feb 2019

Xpress news story exploited for profit

Our independent newspaper has prided itself since 1927 for being a student-run publication, free from the influence of the University and even our own journalism department.  Recently, this distinction was

19 Feb 2019

Error warrants correction

People make mistakes everyday, but when a newspaper does it requires explanation.  In the last issue of the Xpress, under the headline “Gas line explosion displaces residents,” it was reported

12 Feb 2019

President search needs voices

As President Leslie Wong’s turbulent tenure leading SF State comes to an end, we believe our next president should be more transparent and accountable to the most important constituency groups

05 Feb 2019

Funds could ease expensive living

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s proposed budget aims to increase funding to CSUs by $300 million per year, and $15 million in one-time funding to help students who are experiencing food insecurity

18 Dec 2018

Secretive administration fails to meet mission statement

If students examine the mission statements of the Golden Gate Xpress newspaper and SF State’s office of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, they might glean the two organizations share common

28 Mar 2018

Les questions, more answers

XPRESS: What is your response to SF State’s Tenants Rights group ‘condemnation’ for allegedly raising rents on employee housing and evicting residents who have retired? WONG: We’re in a very

16 Mar 2017

Response to Gay student shares story of discrimination at Student Health Services

The following is a letter to the editor in response to Gay student shares story of discrimination at Student Health Services from Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Gene Chelberg. The

01 Dec 2015

Student voice must be at the forefront of change

President Leslie E. Wong announced that a pouring rights agreement would not be settled Nov. 19 to a bevy of students and faculty members in the Seven Hills Conference Center. The response

17 Nov 2015

Education is the only way to root out transphobia

Although San Francisco is often thought of a safe haven for LGBTQ community, the ugly reality of transphobic violence and discrimination tells a different story. Time and time again, we

10 Nov 2015

Inaction is not an option in the face of racism

University of Missouri President Timothy M. Wolfe handed in his resignation Monday after football players and a graduate student rallied against his inadequate response to a string of racist incidents.

03 Nov 2015

Prison reform is crucial as Obama urges new post-incarceration reforms

President Barack Obama announced a comprehensive plan Nov. 2 to bolster rehabilitation for former inmates.  At the top of his list is an $8 million grant to fund reentry education programs for

31 Oct 2015

Stringent gun regulations only way to stanch flow of blood

San Francisco’s last gun shop, the High Bridge Arms, is scheduled to close later this month as a result of strict gun regulations in the city. According to The Guardian,

20 Oct 2015

Sex education must be more comprehensive

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill earlier this month mandating sexual health education for all students in public schools from seventh to 12th grade as of Jan. 1, 2016. Prior

14 Oct 2015

Housing must not isolate disadvantaged students

Diversity has always been at the core of our university’s values. In November, SF State will celebrate the 46th anniversary of the College of Ethnic Studies, the only one of

30 Sep 2015

Food waste contributes to economic disparity, ecological calamity

It’s incredible that millions of people in this country don’t know where their next meal is coming from. What’s even more incredible are the billions of pounds of consumable food that

22 Sep 2015

House’s Planned Parenthood bill attacks women’s rights

The U.S. House of Representatives announced its intention to violate the inalienable rights of American citizens Friday, when it voted to deny millions of women access to affordable reproductive health

16 Sep 2015

Wage gap too large to ignore

The fact that women make 78 cents over their lifetime to every dollar that men make over theirs has become well known in the last few years, but recent data

10 Sep 2015

Standardized testing is an artificial measure of success

A person’s life shouldn’t be defined by the failure of one standardized test, and California Gov. Jerry Brown is trying to make sure that it isn’t. On Friday, Brown asked

02 Sep 2015

CSU oversteps authority on Taser issue

The California State University reached an agreement with the State University Police Association Aug. 27 that mandates that campus police officers have access to an array of equipment, including Tasers.

26 Aug 2015

Students must call for action as loan crisis reaches critical mass

For many students, earning a college degree follows the same narrative: attend college, take out student loans and, upon graduation, spend the years that follow working to pay off what

29 Jan 2015

Staff Editorial: Opposition drives dedication

We are all here to better our education and find success in the professional world, but it really doesn’t have to be so damn scary. As students, we are regularly

18 Nov 2014

A line needs to be drawn in student-teacher relationships

It starts with a chat during a professor’s office hours. Then the relationship thickens, and a cup of coffee is shared among buddies. Soon after, the two find themselves getting

21 Oct 2014

Bay Guardian’s closure sparks new era in local journalism

Since the San Francisco Bay Guardian closed last week, columnists have been hypothesizing about the cause. Was it a bad business model or the paper’s dwindling progressive audience? Whether the

15 Oct 2014

University funds should be spent on students, not buildings

Capital funds don’t come along easily, so when they do, they better be spent on something worthwhile. A $86.4 million wellness center—or a campus extension in Hunter’s Point—may be nice

07 Oct 2014

Elected student officials should be expected to meet a higher GPA than 2.0

Midterms are overwhelming the masses, students are scrambling to pay rent and our student leaders in Associated Students Inc. are dropping like flies from their elected positions. Welcome to week

23 Sep 2014

“Yes means yes” bill will launch college campuses into a bigger discussion about consent

Earlier this month, a rape reportedly took place in the residence halls at SF State. Little was said or done after the fact, which called into question how college campuses

11 Dec 2013

President Wong supports student activism at SF State

Drawn by Kirstie Haruta From the strike of 1968 to today’s student organized rallies, SF State has a legacy of student involvement and activism — as it should. Through the

08 Oct 2013

Obamacare can help students take preventative measures; ensure health coverage

Drawn by Kirstie Haruta Despite the political squabbles that have produced dramatic media coverage — and even a full government shutdown — the Affordable Care Act without a doubt benefits