SF State President Wong steps down

October 2, 2018 News 2 Comments

SF State President Leslie Wong shocked students, staff and faculty on Monday morning when he announced that he would be stepping down effective July 30, 2019. On Monday morning, Oct. 1, Wong appeared alongside his wife in a solemn video announcing his departure without explanation. He was appointed in 2012. “Today after considerable ongoing discussion ...

#FundTheDream rally at the State Capitol

April 4, 2018 Multimedia News

Story by: Jacqueline Pinedo and Marisol Cabrera The California Faculty Association (CFA), along with student and faculty members from all 23 California State Universities, held a rally on Wednesday April 4, calling attention to Gov. Jerry Brown and legislatures in Sacramento regarding issues relating to the decline in CSU funding, tuition increases, food insecurity, deportation and ...

Protesters fight for Net Neutrality

December 8, 2017 Multimedia News 1 Comment

By: Kelly Rodriguez Murillo, Garrett Bergthold, Deveshen Veerasamy “Let’s reclaim reality, protect net neutrality.” A group of people were gathered in San Francisco on Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017 to protest the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) decision to end Net Neutrality on Market Street in front of a Verizon Wireless store. Net neutrality is the principle ...

Experimental College creates fundraiser for Syrian refugees

December 5, 2017 Life Multimedia

by Roxanne Hernandez, Garrett Bergthold, Bryan Ramirez Students from SF State’s Experimental College produced an art gallery fundraiser on campus for the Syrian Refugee Crisis on Monday Dec. 4, 2017. Alisar Mustafa, political science major, who teaches an experimental class about Syria and the Middle East, assigned her students to create interactive art for the ...

Depot’s Broken Open Mic showcases raw talent

November 17, 2017 Life Multimedia

by Janel Jackson-Oliver, Bridget Pocasangre, Lea Fabro SF State’s popular student hang-out, the Depot, hosted its signature open mic event on Wednesday, Nov. 15, showcasing volunteer’s talents such as singing, playing an instrument, reading their poem among others. Each performer is given about 10 minutes stage time to share their talents.

Alpha Phi’s Mr. Heartthrob 2017

November 11, 2017 Multimedia

To raise money for women’s heart health, Alpha Phi held their annual comedy event, Mr. Heartthrob, on Thursday, Nov. 9 at Annex 1 on campus. Through the Alpha Phi Foundation and the American Heart Association, the event fundraised money by showcasing male students from several organizations. By Janel Jackson-Oliver, Bridget Pocasangre and Gabriela Cazares-Lopez

Letter to the editor

September 15, 2016 Opinion

To the Editor, The article, “Young medical cannabis patients lose access” in the Sept. 7, 2016 issue of the Golden Gate Xpress is very misleading. The title claims that medical cannabis patients under 21 will lose access to medical cannabis.  That is not true.  The law is designed to eliminate access to tobacco, tobacco products and ...

Letter to the editor

August 28, 2016 Opinion

Letters to the editor do not reflect the opinion of Golden Gate Xpress or the SF State Journalism Department. Letters to the editor are published as is, unless otherwise noted. To the Xpress Editor: Thank you for your article (August 24, 2016) focusing on student homelessness and food insecurity. With inequalities in wealth rising and ...

Despite diverse reputation, San Francisco begins to blend in

May 6, 2015 Opinion

San Francisco has a long history of being a diverse city, a living and breathing melting pot of civilization that honors and supports the unique eccentricities of every citizen. But with the recent influx of million-dollar startups and tech giants, the landscape has begun to change, leaving a homogenized hull of a once colorful cornucopia ...

Gender identity warrants public recognition

April 28, 2015 Opinion

When Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner announced on national television last week that he has been transitioning into a woman since the 80s, viewers no longer saw the awkward, introverted figure the former champion athlete had become over the years. Instead, we witnessed a renewed individual, full of gusto and confidence and ready to reveal a persona ...

Right to vaccinate child belongs to the parent

February 25, 2015 Opinion

We live in a world where modern medicine has cured diseases, extended life expectancy and overcome hurdles that were once considered science fiction, but with the stigma that continues to surround vaccinating children, living a healthy life has become less about choice and more about keeping up with the Joneses. It is pretty safe to ...

Accountability necessary in light of recent police brutality

February 21, 2015 Opinion 1 Comment

Law enforcement officers carry an incredible amount of authority, but with that power comes the need for responsibility and accountability. An official Police Academy credo enlists officers “to protect and to serve,” but with a recent plethora of police brutality cases flooding the media, it’s no wonder people are starting to question the value of ...

Recent attacks question campus safety

February 11, 2015 Opinion 1 Comment

On any given day, a casual stroll across campus might include seeing friends sunning on the quad, chatting with student club members in Malcolm X Plaza or making a quick pitstop at the convenient store for a snack before class. As of last week, it also might include being dragged behind a bush at knifepoint. ...

Old news overcomes click-baiting in journalism world

February 5, 2015 Opinion

The only thing truly predictable in journalism is the unpredictable. Sure, news is going to happen all day every day, but trying to determine which stories will make the most impact often requires a sixth sense—or just the right amount of influence to create your own buzz. Within the last 20 years, traditional journalism has ...

(Left to right) First time voters Ryan Doyle, Lindsey Herbert and Xiomara Duran cast their ballots in the Junior Towers at SF State on election night Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014. Helen Tinna/Xpress.

2014 Midterm Election Wrap up

November 5, 2014 News

The Nov. 4 midterm election brought new and repeat voters to the three polling locations within SF State proximity, who helped determine local and statewide races and propositions. Some campaigns encountered heavy competition, including the District 17 State Assembly seat that pit supervisors David Chiu and David Campos against each other and resulted in a ...

Midterm Elections 2014: State propositions and elections

October 30, 2014 Multimedia News 1 Comment

With the 2014 midterm elections around the corner, voters will soon pile into poll booths next Tuesday, casting their ballots to determine the fates of local and statewide elected positions and proposed measures. Among the high-profile selections, San Francisco residents will decide on two different transportation propositions, a sugary-beverage tax and a minimum wage proposition. ...

Midterm Elections 2014: Local measures

October 30, 2014 Multimedia News

With the 2014 midterm elections around the corner, voters will soon pile into poll booths next Tuesday, casting their ballots to determine the fates of local and statewide elected positions and proposed measures. Among the high-profile selections, San Francisco residents will decide on two different transportation propositions, a sugary-beverage tax and a minimum wage proposition. ...

Using fake names online creates issues in real life

October 1, 2014 Opinion 1 Comment

Today, more than half of people over the age of 25 use smartphones and tablet devices to email, browse the web or connect to social media. But 30 years of Internet growing pains have left technology fans so skeptical of a safe and secure online experience that many have resorted to false identities to represent ...

SF State President Les Wong answers questions during an interview given by Xpress editors in the Administration Building Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2014.

Wong envisions changes to University in a Q&A session with Xpress

September 23, 2014 News

Golden Gate Xpress editors sat down with SF State President Leslie E. Wong last week to discuss the future of the University. The Gator president expanded on his plans for a new science facility, a campus extension at the Hunters Point Shipyard and expectations for a redesigned athletics. Here are his responses, edited for clarity. ...

Congratulations to the Journalism Department’s graduating class of 2014!

May 23, 2014 News

  2014 JOURNALISM GRADUATES   Rhys Kawika Alvarado Rachel Catherine Aston Beza Beneberu Samantha Darian Benedict Michele Lesley Bird Justice Paul Boles Haley Brianna Brucato Stephanie Danelia Castillo Nicole Kiana Dobarro Haydee Annette Farrell Lovelie Selica Faustino Thomas Delbert Figg-Hoblyn Gabriella Petra Gamboa Guadalupe Gonzalez Kristie Rebecca Haruta Melissa Vanity Landeros Craig Thomas Lifto Erica ...

Campus honors Greenwell’s involvement at SF State

April 23, 2014 News

Joseph Greenwell, the Dean of Students, will leave SF State after eight years of service April 30, to begin his new career at UC Berkeley in the fall. Greenwell was the first stand-alone Dean of Students at SF State in more than two decades. He has also served as Interim Associate Vice President for Student ...

Xpress sits with SF State President Leslie E. Wong

October 8, 2013 News 2 Comments

Q: How would you describe your last year here and what are your goals looking forward? W: Coming to a campus with a stellar reputation with probably the brightest students I have been around in my 40 years in higher education the issue, that I learned my first year is the effort we spent to ...

Transparency imperative in ASI & student center merger

September 4, 2013 Opinion

With the merging of two student government bodies at SF State underway, questions about how they will maintain their current services have arisen. The website for the Enhanced Student Auxiliary — the term for the merging project of the Associated Students, Inc. and the Cesar Chavez Student Center — explains the “consolidation is meant to ...

Xpress staff weighs in on the CCSF accreditation crisis

August 28, 2013 Opinion 2 Comments

Cartoon by Kirstie Haruta With a little more than an academic year left for City College of San Francisco, its accreditation — along with its state funding — will likely be revoked, leading to the closure of the nearly 80-year-old campus. In a recent op-ed published in the San Francisco Chronicle, the idea was presented ...