Born in San Francisco and raised in the East Bay, the Bay Area holds a

Knowing how to do basic automotive maintenance is just as necessary as being able to

Coachella is the one festival music-lovers look forward to every year. With the great lineup

Fabric is plastered all over the walls of Room 122 in the Creative Arts building, alive

Sago is a semi-sweet dessert that can be eaten cold or warmed up, making it

Considered an unlucky day in Western culture, Friday the 13th turned out to be a

The Weeknd.  Beyoncé.  Eminem.  When these three household names were announced as this year’s headliners

Like all Americans, I was horrified and angry about the Stoneman Douglas shooting. We all

Kali Uchis, a Colombian American singer that has been on my radar since she was

I think we all take the sense of hearing for granted far too much. We

The University Dance Theater show, “Mortals and Angels,” is a modern dance showcase choreographed by

Stream lights flicker and euphoria floods the air at the Great American Music Hall as

Story by: Jacqueline Pinedo and Marisol Cabrera The California Faculty Association (CFA), along with student and faculty

Everything I’ve hated about myself — from my hair, to my body, my accomplishments, my