Multimedia Pieces

https://vimeo.com/237993863 The San Francisco State baseball team takes time out of their practice on Oct. 6

https://youtu.be/PTe_orSPmi8 SF State graduate student Mike Petitte is the manager and chef of the Outer Sunset

https://youtu.be/Biq7Zxdar2o A #NoMuslimBan vigil was held on Monday at Civic Center Plaza, a day before the

https://youtu.be/Xq8neDvE72g Students whizzing around on electric skateboards are becoming more of a common sight at SF

https://youtu.be/2LGF_2uNjJ4 Several SF State students on campus were asked to sing their favorite song lyric on

https://soundcloud.com/xpressfall2017/the-jose-and-ivan-show-ep1   The Jose & Ivan Show, a podcast about San Francisco State University‚Äôs sports, some news

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