28 Apr 2015

Muni improvements assure faster commute for students

Additional reporting done by Steve Calderon  As the Municipal Transit Agency service improvements rolled out across the city Saturday, SF State sophomore Andrea Rios said she waited nearly half an hour at

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19 Apr 2015

Union workers picket due to recent termination of contracts

Picketing with signs that read “Preferred Building Services Save Our Good Jobs,” former janitors and repairpersons protested the termination of their contracts with Villas Parkmerced Wednesday. Led by union organizer

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29 Mar 2015

Alumni remembered after deaths by Oakland fire

When SF State alumnus Daniel “Moe” Thomas and his roommate Davis Letona walked into a room, friends said they brought a sense of tenderness and intellect with them. Those who

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21 Mar 2015

University under federal investigation for handling of sexual assault

The Office for Civil Rights added SF State to a list Wednesday that will include them with 104 college campuses under investigation for their handling of sexual violence. The federal examination at

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11 Feb 2015

Late-night sexual assault increases campus awareness

An unknown subject allegedly groped a female’s breasts and groin and threatened her with a sharp object on campus Thursday morning, according to a report by University officials. The University

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12 Dec 2014

Torrential storm soaks the Bay Area; Schools issue closures

San Francisco residents braced themselves Thursday as a storm caused sweeping power outages, flooding and public transportation disruptions. The National Weather Service issued advisories for San Francisco County Wednesday Dec.

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Mark Dreger (left) and Janice Li (right) taking biking to the first stop of prospective sites concerning cycling traffic by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Saturday, Nov. 1, 2014.
02 Nov 2014

Transportation experts meet with community to refocus 19th Avenue project on bicycle friendliness

The San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency and local bicyclists came together Saturday to reimagine a more bike-friendly transportation corridor for 19th Avenue. Representatives from the SFMTA invited local bicyclists to

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21 May 2014

Get outta town, summer day trips for the Bay Area

As Charming as Parkmerced and the Outer Sunset may be, the rest of the Bay Area ain’t so bad. Not going home this summer? Make friends with someone who has

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08 Apr 2014

Transit agency proposes 19th Avenue subway option, station at SF State campus

The San Francisco County Transit Agency (SFCTA) recommended Monday in a feasibility study that transportation planners opt for a longer subway from Ocean Avenue near St. Francis Circle to SF

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08 Apr 2014

“Be Nice, Look Twice” isn’t as nice as M-Ocean View line going underground

Twenty-one pedestrians were hit and killed last year in San Francisco and Mayor Ed Lee’s “Be Nice, Look Twice” Campaign is among the most useless things he’s done during his

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20 Mar 2014

The home stretch: former USSR track star now resides at SF State’s field

Volunteer Coach Moris Lozovatskiy stands on the track at Cox Stadium Monday, March 17. Photo by Jenny Sokolova / Xpress Moris Lozovatskiy carries a folder with him wherever he goes,

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13 Feb 2014

Conservation efforts continue on campus, even after rains

Linda Jo Morton, gardening specialist for University Property Management, and Alex Kimble, grounds student assistant, trim damaged leaves from an agave plant in Parkmerced Monday, Feb. 11. UPM has replaced

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22 Oct 2013

Students sobered by suicide prevention conference

The 1,100 backpacks that covered the lawn in front of Malcolm X Plaza last Friday morning brought SF State student Patty Mazariegos to tears. Each bag represents the number of

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10 Sep 2013

City and campus must negotiate for cheaper student transportation

Eighty-nine percent of SF State students live off-campus, which makes transportation critical to our University’s success. But out of all 23 CSU campuses, SF State is the only one that

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24 Feb 2013

Students deserve affordable, local housing

In case you haven’t looked for a place to live in this city recently, here’s a nugget of obvious information: this city sucks for house hunting. And just when you

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30 Oct 2012

Puzzle questions test job applicants' mental reflexes during hiring process

As a student coming out of the University of South Florida graduate school in the late 90s, Chris Wright was looking for a job. On his search, he encountered an

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23 Oct 2012

Student housing applicants express uncertainty for lengthy wait

Leslie Alvarado has been waitlisted since early May 2012. She is one of approximately 3,000 students who sign up for on-campus housing every year, and currently is number 15 on a

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23 Oct 2012

PHOTOS: Fans celebrate Giants win at The Depot

As the victory rain poured down at AT&T Park, SF State fans gathered at The Depot to witness the 2012 Giants clinch their way to the World Series. The 9-0 win

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16 Oct 2012

CALPIRG Energy Service Corp encourages students to make energy pledges

An act as small and seemingly insignificant as turning off the lights before leaving the house could have a bigger impact than students might think. As a joint collaboration between

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24 Sep 2012

Campus crime update: A drunken citation, a lost phone and stolen iPad

Punk in Drublic There were reports Sept. 21 of an intoxicated subject at Parkmerced sports bar Park 77. Officers responded and took the subject into custody for public intoxication. Riddle

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04 Sep 2012

Election Day preview: important propositions that directly affect SF State students

The 2012 California state election has 11 propositions on the Nov. 6 ballot, two of which concern the future of public education and will have widespread effects despite their outcome.

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16 May 2012

Robert Corrigan plans future after stepping down as SF State president

After serving 24 years as president of SF State, Robert A. Corrigan is looking forward to the days when he can read a book for pleasure, work on writing a

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15 May 2012

President Corrigan leaves his mark on SF State

Even after SF State President Robert A. Corrigan says goodbye to the University, his legacy will live on in the buildings that expanded and improved the campus, as well as

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23 Apr 2012

Campus crime update: Laundry sabotage, more alcohol and narcotics possession on a stoner holiday

A Dirty D.I.Y. Deed University police took a report of a Parkmerced resident whose clothes had been damaged and sprayed with bleach April 16, amounting to up to $600 in

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22 Feb 2012

Tree crushes car on Lake Merced Blvd., unclear who will pay for damage

A large tree branch that fell on Lake Merced Boulevard before 6 p.m. crushed a parked car, blocking traffic for hours. “When I came out here it was already smashed,”

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20 Feb 2012

Campus crime update: Loitering, theft, weapon possession

Loitering at the Towers Police received a call Feb. 10 about a suspicious man lurking around the Towers at Centennial Square behaving very strangely. The fire department responded and determined

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30 Jan 2012

SF State student injured in accident on Arballo Drive

An accident near SF State, involving a bicycle and a car, left one student injured Monday at about 1 p.m. A blue Toyota Prius driven by Jesse Vicario, 22, a

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01 Dec 2011

SF State: are we prepared for a major earthquake?

It could happen at anytime, anywhere. It starts with distant rumbling followed by the subtle sway of the ground beneath, the superficial evidence of a tumultuous tectonic tumble seething underground.

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14 Nov 2011

Financial woes force SF State students to move back in with parents

Many graduating seniors have mixed feelings of excitement and fear with the end of the school year rapidly approaching and the looming question of “what’s next?” hanging over their heads.

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07 Nov 2011

Department of Transportation conducting study on 19th Avenue congestion

It’s no surprise to students at SF State that 19th Avenue is just a wee bit chaotic. Between dodging impatient traffic if you’re a pedestrian, coasting on your bike down

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03 Nov 2011

Campus crime update: assisting the elderly, an attempted kidnapping and another false alarm

Here’s a brief update on campus crimes that occurred between October 31 and November 7. Help a granny out Sometimes a story appears in the crime blotter that’s reminiscent of

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20 Oct 2011

Voting in San Francisco: where, when and how

Here are a few important dates and tips for San Francisco voters. Monday, Oct. 24 The last day to register to vote is Monday, Oct. 24. Any voters who have

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14 May 2011

East LA native works to achieve SF State degree

East Los Angeles, with its graffiti-lined streets cluttered with cars in its high afternoon sun, known to be dangerous at nightfall, created a rough environment growing up for liberal studies

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12 Apr 2011

Park Merced residents resist redevelopment

Every day, Margaret Leahy returns home from her part-time teaching job at SF State and is greeted with excitement by her dancing pint-sized pooch, Marley. She treats Marley to a

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