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The SF State community experienced an especially trying past week. The surprising announcement and sudden cancellation of Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat’s speech Thursday stirred controversy and invoked emotional response among multitudes of individuals and organizations — reactions rippled out from our campus and into the

Corrections: A previous version of the article mistakenly stated that ESA’s are covered by Americans with Disabilities Act, and that Dr. Cynthia Kay Chandler was at the University of Texas. [caption id="attachment_76983" align="alignright" width="267"] [media-credit id=477 align="alignright" width="267"][/media-credit] Ali Simonson's dog of 3 years, Bella, sits in the

[gallery type="slideshow" ids="76840,76844,76843,76842" orderby="rand"] The Muslim Student Association organized a teach-in event on Thursday afternoon in order to give Muslim students and faculty a chance to communicate their concerns and thoughts on Islamophobia Students encouraged faculty to create a welcoming environment for Muslim students in light of

Politicians and activists came together for the Cesar E. Chavez Mural Celebration to discuss a plethora of issues concerning activism and community involvement on Thursday afternoon. Forty to 50 people in Jack Adams Hall watched closely as panelists talked about voting and legislation. San Francisco Board

[caption id="attachment_76600" align="alignleft" width="391"] [media-credit name="Lizzie Cotterell" align="alignleft" width="391"][/media-credit] Graphic courtesy of Lizzie Cotterell[/caption] Within the first few weeks of President Trump’s administration, it was reported by Democracy Now that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement made over 600 arrests in 11 states, including California. San Francisco has