Double the Trouble: Twin alumni co-principal at East Bay high school

December 9, 2014 News

At 9 years old, Ron and Reggie Richardson amazed passersby while dancing in sync to Michael Jackson’s music in their neighborhood streets. Today as adults, they have taken their connection further, into their new jobs as co-principals of a San Leandro high school. The 38-year-old SF State alumni recently started their positions at San Leandro ...

ASI to shift supervision in newly approved agreement

December 8, 2014 News

Associated Students Inc. approved a new Memorandum of Understanding Dec. 3 that would maintain supervision of its executive director to the board of directors. The new MOU, an agreement made between the University and ASI, outlined changes to the original version presented on Nov. 6, which shifted supervision of ASI Interim Executive Aimee Barnes from the ...

Gator Scheduler to help make registration process easier

December 3, 2014 News

The University debuted a new tool that will allow students to personalize schedules based on graduation needs and availability in time for priority registration beginning Dec. 5. Students can insert general education requirements and breaks through the Gator Scheduler feature to better plan around other activities such as work, sports practice and club meetings. “We have heard from students and ...

Lead suspect in Valdez murder trial pleads not guilty

December 2, 2014 News

The man charged with the murder of SF State student Justin Valdez pleaded not guilty to three felony counts Tuesday at the Hall of Justice, one month after new evidence was presented against him. Public defender Robert Dunlap entered the plea on behalf of Nikhom Thephakaysone in response to charges of assault with a deadly weapon, possession of an illegal assault ...

Some students with financial obligations lose out on turkey time

December 2, 2014 Life News

While Thanksgiving offers many students a break from the stress of school and an opportunity to reconnect with their families, some students simply can not afford to travel back home. Tamiyah Thomas is a first-year student who will spend her first holiday away from home working as a means to provide for herself. “This is the longest ...

University to postpone relocation of two museum collections

December 2, 2014 News

The University Museum’s plan to move two collections into the Fine Arts Building this spring have been postponed until fall 2015, allowing artifacts to be temporarily loaned to other museums and galleries until the grand opening. The Treganza and Sutro Egyptian collections were originally scheduled for a spring 2015 move into FA 203, but the ...

SF State honors staff and alumni that have passed away from AIDS on National AIDS day Monday, Dec. 1, 2014. Each flag represents a person who has passed, and around the perimeter are signs bearing some of their names. Helen Tinna/Xpress.

Lives lost by HIV/AIDS commemorated with thousands of flags in quad

December 2, 2014 News

In observance of World AIDS Day, SF State student groups rolled out a series of events on campus Monday to commemorate the lives lost to the disease and educate students. The 2014 theme, Focus, Partner, Achieve: An AIDS-free generation marked the event’s 26th run. “The diagnosis of HIV or AIDS used to be a death ...

Earlier Black Friday openings push working students’ plans

November 28, 2014 News

While most people enjoyed traditional feasts and family gatherings this Thanksgiving, many retail workers had to compromise their plans to work during the Black Friday frenzy. Stores that were previously closed on the holiday, like Best Buy and Target, opened late Thanksgiving afternoon this year. SF State student Caesar Juarez has worked at the Macy’s ...

Native Americans give thanks for continued culture, remember past

November 26, 2014 News

As the sun rose above the horizon one November morning, years of what one Native American SF State student described as anger began to wane, transforming his perspective on Thanksgiving Day. Nicholas Gomez, a descendant of the Ohlone-Costanoan Esselen Nation, a tribe that has resided in the Monterey Bay area for thousands of years, was 25 years old ...

Police survey the scene as protestors shut down both directions of traffic on the I-980 freeway in Oakland, Calif. Tuesday, Nov. 25, 2014. Crowds have gathered for two days in a row after word that Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson would not be charged for killing teenager Michael Brown. Peter Snarr/Xpress.

Ferguson protests continue in Oakland streets

November 25, 2014 News

UPDATE: Protesters moved towards north Oakland and were able to block traffic for a second time Tuesday on I-580 near 34th Street by climbing up an embankment. Once police were able to clear the group from the freeway, protesters continued to the intersection of West MacArthur Boulevard and Telegraph Avenue. At approximately 9:40 p.m., masked ...

James Cartmill holds an American flag upside-down at the protest in Oakland after a freeway takeover at the Grand Avenue Exit. Protests broke out in the streets of downtown Oakland at Broadway in response to the grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson who shot and killed teenager Michael Brown. Monday, Nov. 24, 2014 in Oakland, Cali. Amanda Peterson/Xpress.

Oakland streets aflame after officer not indicted in Michael Brown case

November 24, 2014 News

UPDATE: Oakland protesters scaled a wall at MacArthur Boulevard to return to I-580, only to be met by police who forced them to turn around. The march back to Frank H. Ogawa Plaza was peaceful with no incidents between demonstrators and police, until it reached the downtown area. Masked protesters dressed in black smashed windows ...

Panel comes together for transgender day of remembrance

November 20, 2014 News 1 Comment

At three years old, Mitch Hymowitz told his parents that his penis was growing and that he couldn’t wait to get older and be a man. His parents fired back by reminding him that he was born a girl. “My whole life has just been conformity,” Hymowitz said. “Conforming to femininity and gender roles and ...

Obama takes step in right direction for immigration policy in some students’ eyes

November 20, 2014 News

President Obama wielded his authority over Congress today with a plan for immigration reform that has the potential to ease the threat of deportation for millions of undocumented people–and students–living in the country. Members of congress voiced concern over the president’s executive actions prior to the speech, including House Speaker John Boehner who released a ...

ASI merger results in appointment of new interim director

November 19, 2014 News

A divided Associated Students Inc. board of directors confirmed Wednesday a letter of appointment for an interim executive director of the Enhanced Auxiliary, increasing administrative oversight of student government. The confirmation of Aimee Barnes, assistant director of program and services, during its weekly meeting split the board and student center faculty, with seven members approving ...

Crime scene investigators John Evans and Lyn O'Connor speak during an intermission in the preliminary hearing of Nikhom Thephakaysone at the Hall of Justice, Nov. 18, 2014. Nashelly Chavez/Xpress.

Fingerprint links suspect to Valdez shooting

November 18, 2014 News

In a preliminary hearing postponed for months after SF State student Justin Valdez was shot and killed, investigators presented fingerprint analysis Tuesday to connect a suspect to last year’s murder. Nikhom Thephakaysone, who pleaded not guilty to the murder of the 20-year-old Valdez as the student stepped off an eastbound M-Oceanview Muni train in the ...

Propsed UC system tuition increase stirs controversy among students

November 18, 2014 News

The University of California president’s proposal to increase tuition by 5 percent over the next five years, which is scheduled for a Nov. 19 vote, has drawn opposition from students and concern within the California State University system. The proposal, announced Nov. 6, would result in an added cost of $612 to students for the ...

Parkmerced residents gather to discuss housing relocation

November 15, 2014 News 1 Comment

Hundreds of residents living in Parkmerced will be relocated as part of a redevelopment project to add almost 6,000 new housing units to the neighborhood starting next year. The project, approved by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in May 2011, will add new housing units in Parkmerced, according to the San Francisco Planning Department. ...

Conversion of one of two dance studios postponed until Fall 2015 semester

November 14, 2014 News

Dance students celebrated Thursday upon notification that the conversion of the dance studio in the Fine Arts Building room 203 would be postponed until the Fall 2015 semester. Daniel Bernardi, interim dean of the college of liberal and creative arts, informed the program in an email to faculty and students that the college would hold off ...

CFA and CSU reach agreement on first-year contract, will negotiate for following years

November 14, 2014 News

The California State University board of trustees ratified a tentative agreement with the California Faculty Association Wednesday, which outlines a three-year contract for faculty members. Ongoing negotiations between the CSU and the CFA about salary structure and workload have come to a standstill, but the tentative agreement outlines specific details for the first year’s payment policy. ...

ASI board of directors to temporarily remain in command of student funds after vote

November 13, 2014 News

Associated Students Inc. board of directors rejected a proposition that would authorize university supervision of student governed funds Wednesday, in an effort to maintain control of their accounts. The proposal would have granted a University official oversight over four accounts belonging to the Cesar Chavez Student Center, which merged with ASI earlier this semester. Members ...

Mayoral canidate Joe Tuman poses for a photograph Monday, Nov. 3, 2014. Martin Bustamante/Xpress.Mayoral canidate Joe Tuman poses for a photograph Monday, Nov. 3, 2014.

Professor juggles workload during bid for Oakland mayor

November 11, 2014 News 3 Comments

When professor Joseph “Joe” Tuman gave a lecture on the regulation of Internet content to a packed classroom, he offered no hint that he was also running for mayor of Oakland. But the communications professor, who has been teaching at SF State since 1987, spent the first part of the fall semester balancing these two ...

An Artist’s Account: dancer Matthew McKines

November 11, 2014 Multimedia News

This is the first in a series of vignettes profiling students and the spaces they are going to lose as a part of the consolidation of the College of Liberal and Creative Arts. Matthew McKines is a dance student who has taken on the leadership role of organizing fellow dance students and getting their voices ...

UDPATED: Power outage sweeps SF State campus

November 6, 2014 News

A power outage struck campus Thursday evening, causing evacuations in the J. Paul Leonard Library and residential buildings for a couple hours. Lights first shut down at approximately 8:43 p.m. and emergency backup lights came on several seconds later until power was restored. PG&E representatives said they were still analyzing the reason for Thursday’s power ...

Professor Rabab Abdulhadi stands beside GUPS President Lubna Morrar as she recites a poem by Samih Al-Qassem, at the 7th Annual Edward Said Mural Celebration in the SF State Student Event Center on Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2014.

Palestinian students embrace the power of culture, celebrate activist mural

November 6, 2014 News

Students paraded with Palestinian flags at Malcolm X Plaza for the seventh annual celebration of a mural painted on the student center that features prominent Palestinian educator, writer, philosopher and activist Edward Said. Members of the General Union of Palestine Students expressed their appreciation for the piece of cultural representation through song and dance at ...

Landis pre trial hearing postponed until January 2015

November 5, 2014 News

The pre-trial hearing for former SF State professor Mark Landis was postponed until Jan. 6 due to his absence, said Superior Court Judge Harold Kahn today in court. According to defense attorney Thanh Ngo, Landis did not have to be present since his charges are still considered misdemeanors. Landis, 38, was charged with a 16th ...

(Left to right) First time voters Ryan Doyle, Lindsey Herbert and Xiomara Duran cast their ballots in the Junior Towers at SF State on election night Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014. Helen Tinna/Xpress.

2014 Midterm Election Wrap up

November 5, 2014 News

The Nov. 4 midterm election brought new and repeat voters to the three polling locations within SF State proximity, who helped determine local and statewide races and propositions. Some campaigns encountered heavy competition, including the District 17 State Assembly seat that pit supervisors David Chiu and David Campos against each other and resulted in a ...

Eric Pido, Ph. D. assistant professor in the Asian-American studies department, shares experiences he has been through during the Violence Teach-In hosted at SF State Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014.

Recent death of student reminds others to have a voice against domestic violence

November 4, 2014 News

Prompted by the recent shooting death of an SF State student allegedly at the hand of her ex-boyfriend, the Asian-American studies department hosted a workshop Tuesday to confront the root causes of male violence. Around 40 students and faculty attended the workshop to commemorate Cecilia Lam, who majored in Asian-American studies and advocated against domestic ...