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A 9.0 magnitude earthquake, a 30-foot tall tsunami and a melting nuclear reactor are just the beginning. Whole villages have been swept away. The power is out. Roads, airports and rail lines are all buried under water and debris, making logistics impossible. Food and water supplies

With the fracture of state legislatures between Republican and Democrat lawmakers sweeping the country, the American political system is further deteriorating. It appears that this fracture is no longer bureaucratic posturing to garner votes and stay in office. Nor is it simple punditry bickering. Rather, it

Flash back to March 4, 2010. Last year’s Day of Action united students in all levels of the California education system. People protested. Walk-outs took place statewide. Kindergarten through higher education students worked together to create a demonstration of outrage that  couldn’t be ignored. Nationwide, 23 states

[caption id="attachment_624" align="aligncenter" width="576" caption="Aaron Teixeira - Investigative Cartoonist"][/caption] When San Francisco last conducted a citywide count of the homeless population in 2009, it concluded that there were 6,514 homeless people. By most accounts, however, that number was far from exact. The system by which the city arrived