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Another three executive orders were signed by the president today, all of which are important in some way. But Saturday’s biggest story centered around the sudden and chaotic implementation of Trump’s refugee ban. Among the 109 people detained at airports across the country were several legal

Voter fraud: Thursday began with the anticipation of a press conference to address the president’s recent obsession with voter fraud. Initial reports indicated that he would sign a directive ordering an investigation into what he believes could be up to 5 million fraudulent ballots cast for

It was a busy day for the new president as he began implementing changes that would be felt for many years to come. Immigration, border security and the wall: President Trump authorized the immediate planning and future construction of the “wall with a big, very beautiful

[media-credit name="Jessylyn Los Banos " align="alignnone" width="465"][/media-credit] Does anyone remember the name John Hagelin? Or what about Monica Moorehead or David McReynolds? Do the names Howard Phillips, Harry Browne and James Harris ring any bells? While these names don’t mean much today to even the most