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In middle school and high school, I used Facebook to post about my day, share pictures of my recent family vacations and see what romantic relationships had formed, but boy, how times have changed. Recently, it seems like the social networking site has died down. It's become a

[media-credit name="Illustration by Reid Cammack" align="alignright" width="515"][/media-credit] The scariest part of Halloween is not the monsters or gory costumes but how ignorant people are about other cultures. During Halloween, we often see people dressed as Native Americans for “Cowboys and Indians” partner costumes, the fiesta girl or

[media-credit name="Illustration by Reid Cammack" align="alignright" width="479"][/media-credit] I’ve never been a particularly avid watcher of “America’s Next Top Model,” but when I’m home all day and there’s an “ANTM” marathon running, you bet your ass I’m watching it. I’m watching the first makeovers, the go-sees, the terrible

[media-credit name="(Eva Rodriguez / Xpress)" align="alignnone" width="800"][/media-credit] Connecting like-minded people through images has produced some of the recent decade's most interesting Internet subcultures. From the Adidas-obsessed monochromatic health goth to the 90's-web-nostalgic sea punk, its evident when someone gets their fashion cues online. Arguably more productive than other Internet trends based on aesthetic

[media-credit name="(Eva Rodriguez / Express)" align="alignright" width="621"][/media-credit] Halloween is the time of year when everyone breaks out their skimpy, scary and tacky costumes and parade around, pretending to be someone else for one, fun night. While many costumes sold in stores like Spirit Halloween are fun