01 Oct 2013

City proposes Muni M-line to run under Parkmerced, extend to Daly City BART

The San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) proposed the elimination of parking spaces along 19th Avenue to make room for a new M-Ocean View Muni line that would run underground through

28 Nov 2012

Streetscape project aims to improve pedestrian safety on 19th Avenue

One of San Francisco’s busiest roads is undergoing a green transformation in hopes of improving safety. “Nineteenth Avenue is one of the most dangerous streets in the city,” Rachel Gordon,

16 Oct 2012

Professor proposes SF State shuttle revamp to shorten wait times

Long lines and extensive wait times are an irritating daily reality for passengers who use SF State’s free shuttle service. To counteract common transit issues, SF State decision sciences professor

18 Sep 2012

Campus crime update: reckless party rocking, a missing phone and a security test

Driving Under the Influence of Party Rock On 19th Avenue, Sept. 14, officers conducted a traffic stop and determined a subject was driving under the influence around 3 a.m. While