16 Nov 2018

Strike veterans encourage future generation of activists

All SF State students “should fight like hell” to keep the department of Ethnic Studies alive and a priority at the university, said Harvey Dong, one of the three panelists

16 Oct 2018

College Democrats hope for a secure foothold at SF State

In an alcove on the second floor of the campus library gathers a revival. A small group of students huddle around a study space eager to resuscitate political action for

31 Mar 2017

Cesar E. Chavez Mural Celebration addresses the need for political activism

Politicians and activists came together for the Cesar E. Chavez Mural Celebration to discuss a plethora of issues concerning activism and community involvement on Thursday afternoon. Forty to 50 people

12 Apr 2016

Podcast: Multi-Published author and gay rights activist visits SF State

Sarah Schulman spoke at the Writers on Writing event, Monday, April 4 at SF State to talk about her writing process, her new novel “The Cosmopolitans” and what occupies her in life.

08 Jan 2015

Community celebrates the life of beloved professor

Amidst civil war in the African country of Angola, Patricia Thornton partnered with native refugees and warriors in their fight for independence in the 1970s. Thornton’s commitment to the cause touched