29 Nov 2018

Indigenous people gather for sunrise

This year marked the 49th annual Indigenous Peoples’ Sunrise Gathering on Alcatraz Island. The yearly tradition represents Native Americans’ resistance to the celebration of Thanksgiving, a holiday that represents the

19 Oct 2018

SF State improv groups commemorate social justice

Gathered on cloth-covered seats, students and visitors clumped together sporadically throughout Knuth Hall at SF State in anticipation of a cultural commemoration. They came to support their friends, search for

05 Dec 2013

Thousands sail to Alcatraz to commemorate Native American activists

[set_id=72157638369936963] While most Bay Area residents are still dreaming of perfectly cooked turkeys, deliciously crafted gravies, and pumpkin pies made from decades-old family recipes, thousands of Native Americans and non-Natives