29 Apr 2017

Peaceful Berkeley rally sparks conversation but offers no solution

Despite a handful of minor arrests and several enthusiastic debates, the “alt-right” rally in Berkeley on Thursday ended on a surprisingly peaceful note. In stark contrast to rallies and protests

17 Apr 2017

Another violent battle sets off in Berkeley at Patriots Day rally

Correction: A previous version of the article referred to the anarchist website “It’s Going Down” as an Antifa website.   A Patriots Day rally in Berkeley turned violent on Saturday

15 Apr 2017

Violence erupts in another Berkeley park protest

Violence erupted in Berkeley today when competing left and right wing groups clashed in Martin Luther King Park. It was unclear which group announced their event first, but both were

29 Mar 2017

Dissecting the de-evolution of 4chan and the rise of the alt-right

“This new faith has emerged from a bizarre fusion of the cultural bohemianism of San Francisco with the hi-tech industries of Silicon Valley,” wrote Richard Barbrook and Andy Cameron in

02 Feb 2017

Yiannopoulos brings Berkeley to a boiling point and free speech into question

Militant protests shut down a scheduled speaking event by controversial “alt-right” speaker and Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos Wednesday night at UC Berkeley. The protest resulted in an impromptu march down