17 Feb 2019

Support group helps students with anxiety

In today’s world, mental health issues are very common, especially with young adults. For example, according to the Child Mind Institute, nearly one in three adolescents will meet criteria for

05 Dec 2018

Unapologetically Me Podcast – EP. 2

On this episode of Unapologetically Me, I talk about anxiety. As someone who suffers severely from anxiety– it is important that something like this is talked about. Talking about your

20 Sep 2018

Musicians meditate to diminish stage fright and examine their sixth sense

Feet planted on the floor, spines straightened and supported, hands relaxed and eyes closed as the first meditation of the Mindfulness for Musicians lecture took place in Knuth Hall. Stage

11 Sep 2018

Laugh the stress away at The Depot

When due dates for assignments start to pile up and interfere with work schedules, stress for students can escalate quickly. Some students turn to comedy, whether it’s unwinding after class

24 Oct 2017

Local artist collective spotlights importance of mental health

Mental health and the excessive use of technology are discussed in the latest exhibit at SF State’s  Associated Students’ art gallery. Macro Waves, an artist collective based in Oakland, held

21 Apr 2015

Self reflection vital for path to finding-oneself

In the span of two short weeks, death plagued my daily routine. In less than fourteen days, four of my five roommates lost somebody close to them—a friend, a neighbor,