26 Feb 2019

Unique art show showcases environmental architecture

The “Built Environments” art exhibit debuted Saturday in the Fine Arts Gallery and showcased pieces that represent the worldwide architecture and construction trends. Professional and student artists exhibited their creative

02 May 2017

Ethnic Studies Student Organization resist through celebrating art

The Ethnic Studies Student Organization hosted their second annual art show “Why Ethnic Studies?” Wednesday as a form of resistance to oppression and celebration of culture. According to Sophia Wenzel,

02 Dec 2016

Bay Area communities are chronicled in new exhibit

San Francisco and the Bay Area has been a vital center for many social justice, counterculture and progressive movements. The exhibition “We’ve Been Here,” showcases how so many of the

11 Nov 2016

Design Gallery displays collection of revolutionary newspapers

A series of evocative underground newspapers from the ‘60s and ‘70s were artistically arranged in the Design Gallery of SF State’s Fine Arts Building room, a collection shared by Black

26 Apr 2016

MFA Art Grads Showcase Latest Works

Shannon Abac’s biomorphic ceramic sculptures, dripping in glossy color, mingle with nearby woven textiles by Kimberly Arteche, depicting deliberate, close crops of pixelated photographs in muted, warm tones. Leah Virsik’s suspended forest of