SF State Terminates Adjunct Status of World Renowned Astronomy Professor

October 19, 2015 News

SF State terminated the 16 year-long adjunct status of world renowned astronomy professor Geoffrey Marcy in response to reports of a sexual harassment scandal at the University of California, Berkeley Oct. 14., according to Interim Associate Vice President Adrianne Bee. Marcy, who taught at SF State prior to teaching at UC Berkeley, was the subject ...

Misguided critics throw bricks at Emmerick’s “Stonewall” wall

September 30, 2015 Opinion

One huge problem with America is our politically correct culture. Everyone is always finding random reasons to be offended. The latest attack from the PC police is criticism for the new queer movie “Stonewall.” “Stonewall” is a movie chronicling the early gay rights movement. The film received backlash for making Danny, a fictional white, cisgendered, gay man, the ...