05 Feb 2019

Funds could ease expensive living

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s proposed budget aims to increase funding to CSUs by $300 million per year, and $15 million in one-time funding to help students who are experiencing food insecurity

12 Sep 2018

Housing crisis drives students to live in vehicles

The lack of access to affordable housing on and off campus has pushed some San Francisco State University students to live out of their vehicles. Between 20 to 30 vehicles

31 Aug 2018

Graffiti rages against SFSU construction, lack of student housing

Profanity-laden graffiti denouncing the demolition of student housing units appeared overnight last Wednesday at the construction site located at the Tapia Drive Triangle and the Humanities Building. The demolition is

25 Oct 2012

Lack of on-campus housing perpetuates SF State's commuter campus label

College is a time when kids who have lived their entire lives under their parent’s roof get to finally explore their independence. It’s a time when students get to reinvent