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SF State hopes to have hotel up and running in 3 to 5 years

September 26, 2018 News 1 Comment

San Francisco State University will be seeking new public-private partnerships to renovate its campus, including a proposed 400-room hotel and conference center. The University is already being approached by hotel companies to partner on the project, according to the minutes of a SF State University Foundation board meeting on March 27, 2018. Jason Porth, vice president of University Enterprises at SF State, says at this point the university does not have a lot of details other than a proposed location on campus and a proposed number of rooms, but those can change over time.

SF State project to transform Tapia Drive into pedestrian-only quad

September 13, 2018 News 1 Comment

The new Liberal and Creative Arts Building currently under construction is just phase one of a four-phase SF State Master Plan that will eliminate Tapia Drive altogether and turn it into a quad, according to the Creative Arts and Holloway Mixed-Use Project Final Report issued in March 2017. SF State’s first new academic building in 24 years will ...

Queer People of Color campus group returns to SF State

September 3, 2018 Life News

A defunct SF State advocacy group that was influential for shedding light on issues affecting queer people of color back in its day is about to be revived. The campus organization Queer People of Color (QPOC) was first formed in 2005 by graduate students of the Ethnic Studies program.  During a recent meeting of the Queer ...

Campus pathway converted into reserved VP parking spot

September 3, 2018 News 4 Comments

A high level SF State administrator can now park on a campus pathway that is off limits to all other cars thanks to a new parking spot created solely for her use. Part of the pathway behind the Student Services building has fresh white paint sectioning off a vehicle-sized area and proclaiming the space as ...

An academic step to the future

August 31, 2018 News 2 Comments

A host of faculty and administrators held a conference at SF State Wednesday morning on the need for a new academic master plan to help drive the long-term goals of the university. In Jack Adams Hall, President Leslie Wong and Provost Jennifer Summit welcomed the academics with a coffee and bagel breakfast. They introduced the ...

Attempted Burglary at SF State

February 14, 2018 News

A male broke into an SF State female’s apartment while she was inside. After the man broke in he then fled the area. There were two other females at the resident’s home when the burglary was attempted. Upon arrival, UPD officers observed that the front door was open, splintered and left the deadbolt engaged by ...

Students come together to raise money during SF State’s 117th anniversary

March 15, 2016 News

Heavy beats and the fragrant smell of grilled chicken wafted through Malcolm X Plaza Tuesday afternoon as students celebrated SF State’s 117th anniversary. The event was centered around SF State’s founding and its transformation into the school it is today. SF State opened its doors in March 1899 as the San Francisco State Normal School, a small, ...