01 Nov 2018

Cannabis dominates Bay Area ballots

From the South Bay to Contra Costa County, this year’s midterm elections is all about cannabis. Communities throughout the Bay Area are organizing to pass or trash gross taxes on

25 Apr 2018

High taxes, high reward?

Thousands of people gathered for the annual 4/20 festivities in Golden Gate Park, the first since the legalization of recreational cannabis. From cannabis infused brownies to lemonade, attendees had their

13 Feb 2018

San Francisco’s higher taxes on cannabis

Adult use of cannabis is legal in California because of Proposition 64, which means anyone over the age of 21 can now purchase marijuana for recreational use, at a cost.

07 Dec 2017

Alumna takes dope photos

After the vibrant female energy she felt during a No Doubt concert in 1997, SF State alumna Ashleigh Castro realized she wanted to become a photographer. Castro is now freelancing

01 Nov 2016

Prop 64 kicks up opposition from unexpected places

California is a mecca of cannabis agriculture and production. Small growers, especially in the Emerald Triangle, have made a living and created a culture around the industry. According to a