20 Sep 2018

Eminem vs. MGK beef shows no signs of slowing down

There are always celebrity feuds occurring in Hollywood, but the most recent; and most entertaining has been between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly. Otherwise known as MGK. Since Eminem has

19 Sep 2018

“A Simple Favor” has some dark twists

“A Simple Favor” started off hot Friday, earning $5.92 million in the box office, according to Forbes. Blake Lively shifted from her normal type of “heroine” roles to the mysterious, sociopathic character

13 Sep 2018

Anticipated bestseller hits the silver screen

“A Simple Favor” is finally coming to theaters. Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick star in this mysterious book turned movie. The movie is about two polar opposite moms that each

03 Feb 2016

Oscar nominees spark strong opinions amongst cinema students and faculty

This year’s Academy Awards nominations were greeted with a large amount of controversy after it was revealed that every actor and actress that received a major nomination was white. #OscarsStillSoWhite began trending