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Politicians and activists came together for the Cesar E. Chavez Mural Celebration to discuss a plethora of issues concerning activism and community involvement on Thursday afternoon. Forty to 50 people in Jack Adams Hall watched closely as panelists talked about voting and legislation. San Francisco Board

[slideshow_deploy id='66165'] By incorporating the voices of students, faculty and elected representatives, SF State’s murals have had a long-standing reputation of brazen social justice advocacy and demand for cultural visibility. “Approving a mural at SF State is a multi-step process structured to involve students and reflect campus passions,”

With the pressure of September academic demands settling in thick, new students will be pleased to find free, convenient fun just under their feet on campus. [caption id="attachment_59404" align="alignnone" width="640"][media-credit name="Ryan Leibrich / Xpress" align="alignnone" width="640"][/media-credit]Taylor Michele Cottingim sings and plays guitar during The Depot's Open