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Eastern Michigan University accounting professor Howard Bunsis visited SF State Thursday, April 7 to examine the University's uncertain financial situations, with special attention given to the Ethnic Studies funding controversy. Bunsis announced that SF State was not operating at a structural deficit like administration officials

The California Faculty Association announced the dates of a system-wide faculty strike on Monday at a press conference in Sacramento. Jennifer Eagan, the CFA president, said that the CFA board of directors determined the dates of the strike, in the event that the negotiations process fails, on the recommendation of each

The California Faculty Association kicked off the first day of their strike vote Wednesday as part of their Fight For Five campaign to secure a 5 percent raise. Any California State University faculty that are members of CFA will vote to approve job actions or a full strike, said SF

As contract negotiations between the California Faculty Association and the California State University drag into the 22nd month and teachers have called into question the direction the system is heading, one word continues to strike a chord with students: privatization. In recent years, as the cost of tuition has increased at an exponential rate, many classes,