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It’s the top of the sixth. Bases are loaded. Two outs. The count is 0-2. The pitch fires from the mound. CRACK! And the Sonoma Seawolves score a 3-RBI double to cinch a win against SF State Friday, May 6. The SF State men’s baseball team

Going up against the California Collegiate Athletic Association pitcher of the week, Chico State’s Dalton Erb, didn’t phase SF State, as the Gators pounded Erb in their 6-2 victory over the Wildcats Sunday. Erb was solid through six innings, but center fielder Jake Faulkner put an

The SF State softball team fell short after losing a doubleheader series against Cal State San Bernardino. [caption id="attachment_70693" align="alignleft" width="387"] SF State Gators women softball team Madison Collins (13) smiles at her teammate while practicing during the second doubleheader softball game against Cal State San