Korean Student Association celebrates culture, old and new

September 20, 2018 News 0 Comments

The fervor for K-Pop music is well entrenched among Korean Student Association (KSA) members, who gather during the annual culture and customs open house on Sept. 19 to revel in the ever-ubiquitous tunes as well as Korean dramas and more. “There used to be a lot more Korean participation, and now it’s a lot more fans of ...

More LGBTQ+ visibility can lower stigmas

December 6, 2017 Opinion

From the legalization of same sex marriage to the inception of all-gender public restrooms, this nation has made some remarkable progress when it comes to accepting and supporting LGBTQ+ individuals as members of society. However, it’s undeniable that Donald Trump’s anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric, from his campaign to his presidency, has made all of this progress seem ...

Art, dance and food fill Filipino festival

October 23, 2017 Life

On Friday night San Franciscans gathered in the South of Market District to enjoy the Filipino Night Market Festival, which is a monthly ongoing festival that showcases art, music and food that celebrates Filipino culture. Hosted by Undiscovered SF, the event is both an indoor and outdoor event every third Friday of each month.

Children can change future of rape culture

October 17, 2017 Opinion

Rape is not always a violent, savage held-at-knifepoint type of occurrence. It doesn’t always happen by strangers who grab women from behind and drag them off into a back alley. It’s done by people you know, people you like and people you see every day. It happens at parties, in dorm rooms, on dates. Rape ...

Hispanic: A label given to me by my Spanish oppressors

October 4, 2017 Opinion

The use of the terms Hispanic, Latina and Latino are becoming altered in today’s society because of their historical meanings and new gender identifications. Hispanic is a term that refers to people with origins in Spanish-speaking countries. Besides Spain and Mexico, there are 18 other countries listed on World Atlas, which include Argentina, Chile and ...

Student talent takes center stage in ‘The Fringe’

April 5, 2016 Life

Over the course of the past year, theatre arts major Jennifer Marte has been up late laboriously writing about rape, relationships, mental health and self-worth to prepare for her short play “Comm 150.” The show premiered Tuesday, April 5, at 7 p.m. in Room 104 of the Creative Arts Building. “Comm 150” is centered around ...

Daddy dating at SF State

March 15, 2016 Life 1 Comment

*Names omitted for privacy Their first date introduced her to Michelin Star cuisine – 12 decadent courses at a fine-dining spot downtown, each paired with the sommelier’s choicest wine. “It was just the fanciest thing I had ever experienced,” she said, recounting an estimated $1,100 bill and the beginnings of a lavish eight-month relationship. “I didn’t ...

Music department hosts its first-ever Music Electronic Week

March 14, 2016 Life

The brazen trumpet sounds alert the crowd that the show is commencing, while the escalating electronic dance music beats give the venue energy and the dynamic tones emanating from a trombone land a sweet drop Friday afternoon at Knuth Hall. SF State’s school of music hosted its first ever Music Electronic Week Monday, March 7 through Friday, March ...

Understanding culture means ignoring generalizations

May 6, 2015 Opinion

Last weekend at work a customer asked me, “What are you?” Thrown off by the ambiguousness of the question, I thought to myself, “A woman?” After considering the unresponsive and confused look on my face, he rephrased the question to, “Like, what races are you?” I told him that I was half Filipino and half Caucasian, ...

Cultural stigmas should not steer you away from heritage

April 14, 2015 Opinion 2 Comments

I watched my grandfather lie peacefully in a mahogany casket as they lowered him slowly into a burial plot. His casket was filled with objects that mattered the most to him: his cowboy boots, hat, a Mexican flag and photos of his grandchildren. He was a man who loved his culture more that anyone I have ever known. My Wayfarer sunglasses blocked ...

World Hijab Day helps enlighten religious practices

February 1, 2015 Life Multimedia

Muslim and non-Muslim women across the globe united Feb. 1 for the third annual World Hijab Day, an international event designed as an open invitation to don the hijab in order to dispel misconceptions surrounding the headscarf. The hijab is a traditional covering for the hair and neck that is often worn by Muslim women and ...