19 May 2017

SF State athletics to remain under Division II competition

Almost two decades of Division II.  Students at SF State have been questioning why the university’s sports teams don’t compete under Division I.  The Gators have been a part of

10 Mar 2017

All-Conference Gators leading the way in historic season

Although they fell short in the CCAA championship game against University of California, San Diego Saturday night, the Gators are having an extraordinary season. This point was highlighted this weekend

22 Sep 2016

Cheer team gears up for nationals win

Dressed in neatly pressed white and purple uniforms with matching shoes, the SF State cheer team gathers on a mat every Tuesday night in the gymnasium, persistently practicing high-flying basket

28 Aug 2014

New director sets high bar for athletics

SF State’s new athletic director began only months ago. Since then he’s hired three new coaches and reinvented the Gator image. “It has been a fun project to kick off