26 Feb 2019

Xpress news story exploited for profit

Our independent newspaper has prided itself since 1927 for being a student-run publication, free from the influence of the University and even our own journalism department.  Recently, this distinction was

14 Nov 2018

Big money in politics is eroding our democracy

Billionaire Tom Steyer’s Need To Impeach campaign gained traction with the newly invigorated Democratic Party, who won the majority in the House of Representatives in the midterms. Need To Impeach

17 Oct 2017

Students return to fire country

Yorleny Cristobal remembers the exact moment she learned her hometown was engulfed in flames last week. The criminal justice studies major was back home in Santa Rosa visiting family for

14 Dec 2012

Holiday fundraising organizations strike success in nightclub events

December marks a month full of peppermint candies, ice skating and caroling. It’s a time when everyone feels compelled to give back. Fundraising events poised in nightclubs and bars are