Career Services creates a new way to find a job

September 6, 2017 Life News

Students looking for jobs at SF State have just received a new, streamlined platform to make finding employers easier. The SF State Career Services and Leadership Development, or CSLD, partnered with the jobs site Handshake to make connecting students with employers more efficient. Handshake is a university recruitment platform that the director, Orlando Harris, calls ...

Minimum wage doesn’t mean livable wage

May 3, 2016 Opinion 1 Comment

Facebook has recently been riddled with armchair economic experts espousing the cons of raising fast-food employee wages up to $15 an hour. Unfortunately, most of these propositions are littered with misinformation. In an attempt to illustrate incompetence and somehow disprove the justifications behind a $15 hourly fast-food wage, one Facebook status posted this week compared the current median Emergency ...

Debt ceiling debate misses Americans’ needs

October 15, 2013 Opinion

Drawn by Kirstie Haruta Much like a person who maxes out one credit card after another, the political fight over raising the United States’ debt ceiling does nothing but kick an uncomfortable can down the road. The proverbial can in this sense is our over-consumptive spending. We have a country whose government spends more than ...