25 May 2019

Fighting patriarchy with art

Twenty-four-year-old former SF State student Mike Texada is a thriving fashion designer, painter and writer. His multifaceted talents are rooted in his upbringing in Oakland and he’s constructed a world

14 May 2019

Annual fashion show highlights sustainability through reused textiles

Teizue Nwabuzoh wearing coat made of recycled denim by Chloe Archie at “RUNWAY 2019: Kaleidoscope” SF State”s Apparel Design & Merchandising program’s annual showcase of junior and senior work  on

05 Mar 2019

Alumnus dismantles patriarchy through art

  The Bay Area is home to creativity, innovation, and thousands of young people with talent. Twenty-four-year-old former SF State student Mike Texada is a thriving fashion designer, painter and

27 Feb 2019

High-end fashion brands release controversial designs

In the wake of controversial fashion releases alluding to racist motifs, SF State students have expressed their concerns over high-end brands capitalizing on sensitive topics. High-end fashion brands like Gucci

05 Dec 2018

Fashion and identity become one

Identity and fashion intertwined for a young boy when he moved to the Bay Area with his family from Iran. Combining his two homes — along with his sexuality, queerness,

09 May 2018

Foreign and American fashion: a form of expression

Fashion can hold many meanings throughout different cultures. For students, it can be used as a way to create a daily identity and to express their very own brand of

18 Apr 2018

Fashions of Coachella

Coachella is the one festival music-lovers look forward to every year. With the great lineup for 2018, it’s bound to bring in thousands of people from all over the world.

28 Feb 2018

The fashions of Chinese New Year

Along with constant celebrations, such as big family dinners, parades, lighting firecrackers and handing out money in red envelopes during one of the most celebrated times of the year in

07 Feb 2018

Low budget leads to trends

For college students, shopping for clothing isn’t always an ideal choice — especially when money is tight. In San Francisco, there are hundreds of trendy boutiques and clothing stores with

13 Dec 2017

Pop some tags

You walk into a store where everything is in front of you: the prices, the sizes, the same dress in every color. You get exactly what you want –– but

15 Oct 2017

Two blocks of art

On Friday, two blocks of Soma’s district held a block party showcasing multiple artists, dancers, and live performers. The showcase was filled with events ranging from a live Samba dance

23 Apr 2017

SF State students showcase their fashion at Coachella 2017

Multimedia project by: Shahni Ben-Haim, Maddy Neale, and Mitchell Walther Coachella, the one time of year where people from all over the world flock to the California desert to see

24 May 2016

Student-run fashion show slays downtown San Francisco

Nearly 500 people gathered to watch student designs grace the catwalk at the San Francisco Design Center Galleria, Thursday, April 28, for “Runway 2016: Emerge,” SF State’s 21st annual spring

03 May 2016

Student’s designs take the runway in ‘Emerge’

Models glided down the runway as onlookers sipped champagne, eyes drawn to the work being showcased by SF State’s apparel design and merchandising students in the elegant setting of the

26 Apr 2016

Student designs emerge from the studio

After three intensive months holed up in the apparel design lab in Burk Hall, the ensembles made by junior and senior students will grace the catwalk at “Runway 2016: Emerge” this

19 Apr 2016

Fashion students redesign bookstore duds

A jumble of mannequins and measuring tape provides the backdrop for apparel design student Becky Tu as she pins the sleeve on an upcycled ’90s-inspired bomber jacket. Its waterproof shell is

01 Mar 2016

Ethnic Studies supporters wear black and red for resistance, solidarity and power

Clothing expressed a united front of resistance at SF State this week amid campus marches supporting the College of Ethnic Studies. Advocates of the cause donned black and red to support

16 Feb 2016

Student designers reveal concepts for their spring runway collections

On the fourth floor of Burk Hall, scissors are snipping, sewing machines are whirring, and naked, faceless dress forms are looming in the background as senior designers begin to bring their clothing

16 Feb 2016

Apparel Design lecturer inspires with new boutique in the Mission

[slideshow_deploy id=’70589′] Inside a bright studio boutique in the Mission, Danette Scheib leans across her design table and a spool of plaid fabric. Tugging at loose threads, she straightens for

11 Oct 2015

Entrepreneurial spirit inspires student’s clothing line

Laid-back, easygoing vibes came to life with the colors of a waterfront sunset when SF State freshman Michael Ihle created one of his favorite designs on the back of a

29 Sep 2015

#Arthoe more than aesthetic appeal

[media-credit name=”(Eva Rodriguez / Xpress)” align=”alignnone” width=”800″][/media-credit] Connecting like-minded people through images has produced some of the recent decade’s most interesting Internet subcultures. From the Adidas-obsessed monochromatic health goth to the 90’s-web-nostalgic sea

10 Mar 2015

Alumna designs career path towards fashion

After an interest in nursing dissipated and classes for health education were impacted, Mayette Delos Santos defaulted to an unsure educational path in business, a major that prepared her for a career at major online

16 Apr 2014

VIDEO Branding the golden city: alumni create print and clothing company San Franpsycho

[HTML1] San Franpsycho, the brainchild of Andy Olive and Christian Routzen, was first born into the culture of riding waves. The clothing brand is now making waves throughout the city

08 Dec 2013

Student designers get recognized in this year’s FNA winter show

[set_id=72157638429038523] Edgy and elegant student-made apparel designs graced the runway Friday evening during the “Brilliance: The Gems of San Francisco State” Winter Runway fashion show, hosted by the Fashion Network Association or FNA, a