SF State students find solace in skateboarding

December 15, 2017 Multimedia

Emily Hernandez, Joshua Tarango and Fernando Ariniega talk about stress, finals and how they use skateboarding as an outlet from school’s pressures and studies. They talk about how important it is to take part in personal activities to stay healthy during studying and exam week.

Finals disrupted following bomb threat

May 24, 2017 News

** Ian Williams contributed to this article. The HSS building was shut down earlier today due to police activity in the wake of a bomb threat, according to Mary Kenny, director of news and new media. Kenny said in an email that the University had received a bomb threat and the HSS building had been ...

Gamers sing ‘Let it Go’ to finals stress

May 6, 2014 Life 1 Comment

As some SF State students enjoyed their last few weekends before finals, gamers and anime fans spent an evening doing what they love the most: playing video game and watching anime. Except this time they weren’t doing at home. They were among friends at SF State. Anime fans and gamers alike filled Rigoberta Menchu Hall ...

Gators crawl out of the library to study

May 23, 2013 News

[HTML1] Finals have once again crept into the lives of SF State students as they try their best to save their GPAs before mentally checking out for summer. This means students face extremely long hours cramming a semester’s worth of knowledge to solidify their passing grades before entering that three-month period of no homework. While the library is a ...

Finals fail to measure or aid student success

May 16, 2013 Opinion

Final exams, end of semester projects and bouts of nightlong cram sessions are upon us. With all the talk of assignments, worth a quarter to a third of our grades, it could be difficult to not crumble — or at least crack — under the pressure. Tackling the task of closing out a semester can ...

SEPAL discovers most effective study habits

May 15, 2013 News 2 Comments

From all-nighters to intense cramming sessions, many students will go to extreme lengths to get that much desired grade. While these habits may get the quick grade (if successful), there are some recommended strategies to better understand the material. SEPAL, Science Education Partnership and Assessment Laboratory, at SF State is conducting various research projects on ...

Constant computer use results in health risks

May 14, 2013

Students everywhere are doing it: at home, at work and on campus. Unsafe practice can result in chronic pain, exhaustion and even disease. Many are not aware of the risks, but using the computer can be hazardous to your health. As the semester draws to a close, students spend increasingly long hours hunched over the ...